Why no windows 9 : The mystery surrounding Windows 10

Why no windows 9

Why no windows 9 ?

Anyone who has been familiar with Windows operating systems since the early 1980s will know that they very often abort a specific sequence and then do something completely different and this may explain the question, why no windows 9 ?. They started out with DOS 5 and 6 before introducing Windows 3.1 which eventually was replaced by Windows 3.11 with network support. Then they stopped using the 3 series but instead they jumped to Windows 95 with an A, B and C release. This was followed by Windows 98 first and second edition and eventually by Windows millennium. Then followed XP service pack one and two followed eventually by Windows Vista. Then they switch back to numbers with Windows 7 and eventually Windows 8 and 8.1.

However now that anyone is expecting Windows 9 to be released Microsoft once again bucks the trend and goes directly for Windows 10. The conclusion which could be made here is that they are not truly serious to follow an orderly path but rather they are more concerned about presentation and which approach will work better in promotion campaigns.

Some Windows users are confused

Regardless of the fact that Microsoft has made itself guilty of inexplicable behavior in the past as we have explained in the above paragraph there are nevertheless people who are very confused with exactly why Microsoft has decided to move directly from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 and the question is still asked, why is there no windows 9? There is a lot of speculation regarding this issue but no one seems to know the exact reason. One of the reasons which has been presented is the fact that in some programming software there are sequences of programming language which is checking for versions 9 of Windows in particular the program was supposed to find Windows 95 or 98 operating systems and it was feared that these pieces of software could possibly create problems with a Windows 9 operating system.

Therefore just to be safe Microsoft have made the decision to skip Windows 9 altogether. Not everyone is accepting this explanation and there are still a lot of conspiracy theories flying around but Microsoft has not been forthcoming with a more believable explanation.

The Japanese angle

Other people are saying that Microsoft has decided to skip Windows 9 because the word 9 signifies pain in Japanese and because the Japanese are big users of Windows it was decided not to use Windows 9. Once again whether there are any substance to this allegations is difficult to determine and the only way in which this mystery will ever be cleared up will be when Microsoft decide to come forward with a plausible explanation which will be able to adequately answer the questions of their faithful supporters.

There are some who feel that Microsoft supporters deserves nothing less but then there are also others who think that the question, Why not windows 9 is simply not that critical or important and Windows supporters should only accept the fact that Windows 10 has been chosen for a valid reason. This really presents no surprises when one considers the operating system names which has been chosen for previous versions which also clearly shows that Microsoft has never stuck to any particular pattern for too long.

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