Reasons Why Does Andy Milonakis Look So Young

why does andy milionakis look like a kid

What Secret Lies Behind Andy Milonakis Anti-Aging Body?

Most people residing in USA or outside may wonder often as to why does andy milonakis look so young despite his biological age. This question comes into your mind instantly the moment you watch that boyish face right from some school and talking in adolescent voice that at once startles you when you get to know the actual age. You ask flabbergasted as to whether this is really true and most definitely you will hear the comments that Andy suffers from congenital growth hormone condition. To the very curious Andy Milonakis is around 40years or would be so the coming January 2016. Yet what most people would ask the moment they see Andy on a show that why does andy milonakis look like a kid rather than a grown up person.

How old is andy milonakis?

Why Does Andy Milonakis Look So Young
Andy Milonakis

Andy Milonakis was born on January 30th 1976 and would be celebrating his 40th birthday on the coming January, 2016. He started his career as a freestyle rhyming artist and conducted his own humor videos and short films through the Internet. He looked so young and boyish that people took him as such. It was only later when his actual age came to the notice of the public that they were wonderstruck. But for sure this January, Andy is going to be 40 years of age.

Many people would argue about his age when they see his chubby cheeks and adolescent smile that makes him a real screen hero. Yet if you were to ask why does andy milonakis look 12 it may be slightly off the mark for he surely looks in the range of 17 and not less.

What disease does andy milonakis have?

It is revealed that Andy Milonakis suffers from a rare growth hormone deficiency. How rare this disease is hasn’t been known although very few people in the world do have it. In the case of Andy this got blown out into large size because of his fame and the publicity of his shows. Hence, one cannot be sure whether Andy will live with this kind of disease for his whole lifetime or not. As of now Andy is making his best with this very appearance of being a boy although biologically he had aged.

The disease that Andy suffers may not be quite serious and has helped him make a living out of it and he may even carry it till his old age.

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Andy milonakis show

Andy started his career on the Internet when he released his own home made webcam recordings. These were of freestyle rhyming, short films and humor videos. These included “Crispy New Freestyle” and “The Super Bowl in Gay”. He was later asked to join by the famous Jimmy Kimmal for a regular appearance in his shows in the year 2003-2004.

Andy milonakis net worth

There is some speculation about Andy Milonakis although most of the posting in the Internet and media shows that he is somewhere around $2million to $3 million. As he looks quite young his shows may still go on.

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