Why Do Asians Have Slanted Eyes? Theories of Slanted Eyes

Why Do Asians Have Slanted Eyes

Humans have various genetic codes which make our appearances differ greatly, making people wonder, why do Asians have slanted eyes? There are some people who argue that it is an evolutionary development that helped ancestors survive through different weather conditions whereas others argue that there isn’t a real reason as to why Asians have unique eyes separate from Western cultures. There are millions of people around the world that use makeup and plastic surgery to achieve the beauty of slanted eyes that they weren’t born with which has made them quite the sensation.

Understanding the Epicanthic Fold

Also known as “slanted eyes”, Asians have epicanthic folds which are a fold of skin that is found on the upper eyelid and covers the inner corner of the eye. Another aesthetic feature that you’ll notice on people with epicanthic folds is a lower nose bridge which some geneticists state attributes to the development of the slanted eyes. Determining whether it’s a result of ancestry, medical conditions, or age is something that has been debated in science community for years.

The Development of Epicanthic Folds

You would be surprised to know that every developing fetus has slanted eyes while they are growing inside of the mother’s womb. What makes the eyes different as the fetus progresses is the fact that they lose the folds between 3 to 6 months of being developed, though Asians seemingly do not. This is another interesting aspect that scientists have been trying to uncover.

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Theories of Slanted Eyes

One of the main theories that you might hear circulating amongst friends and non-scientists is the fact that Asians have unique eyelids as a result of adaptation to their past environment. This is particularly fascinating for evolutionists to study as it may give an insight into how the human body develops as a result of environmental influences. Some circles believe that the cold, heat, and sand are three factors that influenced the development of slanted eyes as it protected their eyelids from being damaged by environmental elements.

The true meaning behind the slanted eyes that Asians have is yet to be uncovered by professionals and everyday civilians alike, though people do have their own theories. It is important to remember that although they may be different from the average eyes that you would experience in Western cultures, the eyelids within the Asian race are unique and beautiful on their own.

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