Are Whoopi Goldberg Eyebrows for real or not?

Whoopi Goldberg Eyebrows
Whoopi Goldberg Eyebrows


Whoopi Goldberg eyebrows are perhaps one of the intriguing topics in the world of entertainment and glamour. It is perhaps one of the first things that come to the mind when thinking about this famous personality. Whoopi Goldberg also known as Caryn Elaine Johnson is a famous name in Hollywood owing to the multifaceted roles that this lady has done in the past and still continues to do. Be it her role as an actress or a singer, a songwriter or a comedian, she has a lot to offer her fans all over the world.

Whoopi Goldberg eyebrows or no eyebrows

When people look at the picture of this famous celebrity, they can’t help but think if she has real eyebrows or not? Whoopi Goldberg’s pictures mostly hint towards the absence of eyebrow hair on her face. While, at other times people do notice her sporting new eyebrows. For a celebrity who is continuously an object of attention of many people, the actress is bound to attract attention for this little quirk she flaunts.

So, many people may keep wondering if the eyebrows are real or not but according to IMDb, on her biography, the trademark is clear- dreadlocks and no eyebrows.

Why the actress has no eyebrows?

The actress under most possibility has no real eyebrows but does flaunt them once in a while. Now, this can be an artificial makeup trick to come up with a change every now and then.

There are many speculations as per why there are no eyebrows on her face. There are many reasons which might be causing the shedding of natural brow hair. If the natural falling of eyebrows due to some medical condition is ruled out, then it could also be that Whoopi Goldberg simply prefers to shave them off.

A style statement

Although it could very well be a medical reason that has caused the celebrity to shed her natural brow hair, it could also be that she chose to look this way. Whatever be the real reason behind no eyebrows, maybe Whoopi Goldberg prefers it this way because the absence of eyebrows has become her trademark also. If you look hair, you will be  little confused how she make dry shampoo recipe for her hair style. Celebrities want to be famous and when they become famous, they want to etch themselves in the memory of the people. The absence of eyebrows due to natural causes or due to intentional removal might be her way to look different in the entertainment world.

Could it be Alopecia?

No Real Whoopi Goldberg Eyebrows
Whoopi Goldberg

As there are many speculations regarding Whoopi’s eyebrow hair, it could be a possibility according to some speculators that she is suffering from Alopecia. Alopecia is a condition wherein a person starts shedding his or her hair naturally. The person can be young or old and perfectly healthy, and be still struck with this medical condition. But the thing to notice here is that Whoopi Goldberg has perfectly nice and bouncy crop of hair on her head, which definitely look like they are real.

The possibility of Trichotillomania

Since, the bountiful hair on her head look absolutely real, there is a bleak chance that she sports artificial hair wig on her head. Apart from this, there are speculations that say that it might be a case of the disorder Trichotillomania also. This is a disorder which causes people to pluck their own hair. Now, people can pull the hair on their scalp or eyebrows. This might be true but if this is the case then the actress will sport different thickness of eyebrows from time to time.

Could it be just thinning of eyebrow hair?

The other natural cause for an absence of eyebrow hair could be that the growth is naturally slow. In such a case maybe the actress prefers to shave the little eyebrow hair that erupt naturally and do not look pretty. This way she gets rid of the uncanny little eyebrow hair that grows and prefers to rather keep it absolutely clean. Since, the absence of her eyebrow hair has become a statement for her, maybe she does shave them off on purpose.

What can one do to improve the growth of eyebrow hair?

In cases where in the natural growth of eyebrows if less or slow, one can take a few measure to increase the thickness of the brows. There are many brow enhancing serums and conditioners which are available in the market. These advanced serums and solutions can actually make a difference if one continues to use them for a certain period of time. Applying castor oil is also a natural solution for thin brow hair. Warm up the oil a little and apply it on the brows at night before sleeping.

Use of eyebrow pencil

A person can choose from the many advanced and expensive serums and conditioners meant to improve the thickness of the brows or can resort to the proper use of an eyebrow pencil. These pencils can be used to give some definition to thin and scanty eyebrows. In this particular case of Whoopi Goldberg, she can resort to artificial implantation of eyebrows also, but it seems that she prefers the trademark look she flaunts without the eyebrows.

What Whoopi Goldberg says about her eyebrows?

It is obviously clear that the celebrity sports her look with elan and without any doubt or misgivings. This simply means that she doesn’t really care if she has eyebrows or not. The rich and the famous can resort to any expensive or outrageous cosmetic treatment which makes them look better.Here, Whoopi Goldberg proves that she prefers to look the way she looks and hence doesn’t do much about sporting artificial eyebrows of any kind.

In one of the interviews she has even admitted that there was no need of having brows, hence she shaved them off.

Some other speculations

Other than the above mentioned speculations doing the public rounds, there is also a philosophy regarding her giving her brow hair in charity. There is a foundation that she supports and actually founded. It is said, that she donates her brow hair every now and then to support cancer cure. It is said that the donated hair are used to make wigs for people who lose their hair during the treatment.


Since celebrities attract both negative and positive reviews, there are all kinds of stories that go sound considering the absence of her eyebrows. People say and believe different things about Whoopi Goldberg’s eyebrows. The truth of the matter is that she is a renowned celebrity who doesn’t really care about the growth of her brow hair. Maybe she shaves them off or just prefers to keep the intrigue flowing on Whoopi Goldberg eyebrows.

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