Where to Buy Kinder Surprise Eggs and the Legality of Kinder Products

Where to Buy Kinder Surprise Eggs

Thinking of where to buy Kinder Surprise Eggs? Kinder Surprise is a revolutionary idea incepted in 1974, which delighted millions of children across the globe. This is a very simple food product combining a chocolate egg, a cute little toy, and a surprise inside. The fun and excitement this little eggs ignited on children was matchless. The parents also enjoyed a very emotional and reassuring experience by offering these wonder eggs to kids.

An estimated 30 billion Kinder Surprise Eggs were sold across the globe and as of late offer 8000 varieties of surprises inside. Through their thorough research and development efforts, more than 100 new toys and kid’s gadgets are featured yearly by the Ferrero Group, which owns this brand. These are aimed to stimulate creativity and imagination in children and aid in their cognitive development.

All the Kinder Surprise toys are claimed to meet international regulations in child safety. But as with its popularity, there are many controversies and even bans associated with this product in recent years.

Why are kinder eggs illegal?

Originated in Italy, Kinder Eggs are sold popularly all across the world, but it is made illegal to sell in US. This ban is basically due to the small toy parts, which FDA identifies as posing choking hazards in children of the age below 3 years. However, there is no trouble with the eatables and other parts of this product apart from this single hazard claimed.

Ban on German Kinder eggs

After the FDA regulation related to selling Kinder Surprise Eggs took place in the US, German authorities also announced a ban of this product on the same grounds of safety hazards. Child Welfare Committee of German Parliament charged this product as they found children of smaller ages may mistake the toys inside the eggs for food and swallow them.

It was also found by the experts that mixing toys with food is not good for children of this age who need to be taught about the value of proper nutrition. Along with Kinder Eggs many other packaged food products that contain toys are there in the blacklist in Germany.

However, Ferrero had responded furiously to this finding of German Parliament. Inside Kinder Surprise Egg, the toy is separated safety from the chocolate with a plastic capsule.”

Reasons behind kinder chocolate eggs banned

The US authorities point out two major reasons to ban Kinder chocolate eggs;

  • The primary reason is that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) attested to the fact that toys inside these eggs pose choking hazards to little children. As the product covering itself is of limited size, all toys come along with Kinder are relatively small, and many of them contains tiny pieces to be put together. However, it is pointed out that Kinder Eggs have provided a warning on its package as to these are only suitable for ages 3 and up.
  • Aside from the choking hazards, another supporting reason why Kinder Eggs are banned is in light of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act of 1938. This act prohibits the food packages from enclosing any non-food items unless the non-food item has any functioning value.

Where to search Kinder Surprise Eggs for Sale?

Irrespective of all the controversies, Kinder eggs remain the favorite of kids. Now, there is an American version of this product, which is FDA approved, named as Choco Treasure. It is priced between $1 and $1.5 and can be purchased from SuperValu, Target, Economy Candy as well as from company official website.

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Choco Treasure instantly gained popularity in US. There is a special yellow capsule on the covering of it with a visible ridge, which the kids need to push down and break to get the toy. To get FDA approval, Choco Treasure had passed many tests too as bite testing, impact testing, flammability testing, and small parts choking hazard testing etc.

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