When Is The Best Time to Get Pregnant For a Healthy Baby?

When Is The Best Time to Get Pregnant

When Is the Best Time to Get Pregnant?

When is the best time to get pregnant after your marriage? This is a common question that majority of people ask after their wedding. Doing things timely is an important aspect and should be considered prudently.

The Best Time to Get Pregnant

A woman should know that the best time to get pregnant is during her fertile window, which could last up to 6 days in every month. The chances of getting pregnant become high when the egg is released from female’s body. Pinpointing the days of ovulation is a tricky thing and depends upon the menstrual cycle of a lady.

It is immensely significant to know that the egg will last for just a day once released. On the other hand, the sperm can easily survive for an entire week. It means sperm can meet up with an egg during this 6-day period. Women are supposed to get pregnant when they start having sex 1 or 2 days before they ovulate. As you know that it’s not an easy job to evaluate, so the best thing is to sex after every two or three days.

Enjoying sex after every two or three days improves the quality of sperm that is required for a woman to become pregnant. However, if someone wants to know the exact time when she ovulates, then work out is needed in this regard. So your ovulation in any cycle depends upon the following things:

  • The regularity of your periods
  • The actual duration of your menstrual cycle

Always keep in mind that a menstrual cycle can be as long as 36 days or as short as 22 days. Average speaking, a woman gets a period between 12 and 14 days after she is ovulated.

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Women having short cycles could ovulate soon after their period ends. On the contrary side, women with the menstrual cycle of 28 days are likely to ovulate in the middle of their cycle. If you have a long cycle, then it means the ovulation will not happen until 2 week after the end of the period.

There is a common myth that daily sex improves the chances of pregnancy that is true sometimes, but not all the time. Physicians have suggested that having sex after every two or more days also contribute to strengthening the chances of pregnancy. In this way, the value of sperm improves compared to the daily sex.

Evaluation of the ovulation is also difficult sometimes because nature and length of the cycle vary from woman to woman. Some have regular periods while others have irregular. Similarly, some women have longer cycles while others have short. This variability makes the confirmation of ovulation a bit tricky for everyone. This article must be very helpful if you have been asking; when is the best time to get pregnant after the wedding.

How to know if you are about to ovulate?

When Is The Best Time to Get Pregnant For a Healthy Baby
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Of course, every woman would like to know that time when she is about to ovulate. She will definitely would not like this golden opportunity to go wasted. There are chances that a female knows when she ovulates every month and unlike this she might never know about this. However, those women who wish to get pregnant should be well informed about their body.

Signs of approaching ovulation can begin about three weeks before a woman expects her next period. You should look for the following:

  • Discharge of fertile mucus or increased vaginal discharge
  • Mittelschmerz or a little discomfort on one side of your abdomen
  • Feeling extra sexy

One more easy way to spot your fertile days is to check the cervical mucus simply on a regular basis. Seeing changes in your mucus will let you know if you are fertile during a specific period. There are many other tests that can be followed to check the fertility period.

Time to Conceive

One fact should not be overlooked and that is timing. A couple should have more sex during the fertility days because it increases the chances of pregnancy. As discussed above, the sperm has a lifespan of about one week but the egg released by a woman can last up to 24 hours.

So if you wish to increase the probability of conception, it is necessary to enjoy sex daily before the days of ovulation. You can have sex one or two days before and again on the day of ovulation. In this way, there should be a very healthy amount of sperm waiting for the egg. Husbands should also consider this because the good supply of sperm before ovulation increases the chances of pregnancy.

Is it necessary to look for Ovulation?

Many people do not want to engage themselves looking for the ovulation period. They have a lot of things to do and can’t keep tracking the ovulation day. Of course, you are not required to keep an eye on the fertility days. Simply try to have sex no less than 2 or 3 times every week in a consistent manner. This will ensure the good level of sperm waiting for the egg to meet.

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Not having Enough Relax

 A couple should not quit sex if they are trying to get a baby. Many women think that they are not ovulating during a specific time, and that’s why they do not engage themselves in sex with the husband. However, the case could be averse. You might be ovulating while you are thinking not.

That is an unhealthy practice that women should avoid if they wish to get pregnant. Try to enjoy sex as often as you can and also look out for the ovulation.

Follow Healthy Activities

So if you are trying to conceive as quickly as possible, then should try to stay healthy. Take good sleep, follow a nice exercise plan, eat good food and stay fresh. Feel relaxed physically and mentally to make things easier for you. Do not put an extra burden on your mind or body because it relates to the unhealthy atmosphere for getting pregnant. It is also very important to seek your doctor’s advice as and when required.

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