Things Parents Need To Know- When Can Babies Have Peanut Butter


The query about when can babies have peanut butter in their diet! There was some confusing statement that some experts feel the children should not take peanut butter, but others say it can taken at an early age too. It is well known that some children may have peanut allergen and many don’t have. If the mother ate peanuts during pregnancy, it won’t affect the chances of being peanut allergic.

The answer for When can babies have peanut butter will vary based on various factors. Listed few things that you need to consider before giving peanut butter to your baby.

Check with allergies about peanut in the family:

It is very important to check whether your family holds any allergies for a peanut. It is recommended to wait some time to give a peanut butter to the child, even if you slight allergies. A child from the peanut allergy family need to undergo allergy testing before started providing the peanut butter to eat. It will help you to avoid the expected scary allergic reaction, and a trip to a hospital that could be frightening for everyone in the family, specifically the child.

What to do if No allergies:

In case, if the child doesn’t come from any peanut allergies, family, it is always fine to allow the baby to have peanut butter. It is known that peanut butter will stick to the mouth which makes it as a choking hazard. Some experts say the parents need to give 1 year later and others say that the parents need to wait 18 months to introduce the peanut butter. It is necessary to make sure to spread it as a thin layer on the crackers or any soft bread to make it easy to chew for a child which is also less sticky.

Judge your best:

It is recommended to wait until you feel that your baby can have the peanut butter. Introduce peanut butter step by step when the baby crossed 18 months. Start giving the peanut butter when the baby gains enough ability to handle the stickiness and texture in its mouth. Make sure to know about the peanut allergies in the family as it may cause any serious issue for the child.

How to introduce to baby?

Introduce a small amount at a time. It is always to test the food items to giving very less amount to the babies. It may help to avoid the bigger issue at a time when they have any allergies. Watch the reactions very closely, once the child gained the ability to tolerate a bit, then increase the amount of peanut while you feeding next time.

Before introducing the peanut butter to a child, it is necessary to know the causes and issue that the food may create for a child. Every parent must know when can babies have peanut butter. Make a note of everything such as stomach upset, rash or any like after giving a peanut for three days. If you are really concerned about the possible allergy, then it is recommended to get advice from a specialist.

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