What is the Best Time to Visit Jamaica

Best Time to Visit Jamaica

One might wonder when the best time to visit Jamaica is. Especially when wondering about climatic changes, environmental conditions and cheap flights to Jamaica. The truth is, Jamaica is always a captivating, exciting and beautiful place to visit all year-round. The best time to travel to Jamaica is when the weather is coldest in the tropical countries i.e. during winter season—usually around mid-December and mid-April. Hotels and resorts in Jamaica are more expensive during this season because of the many visitors that come from different countries to have a relaxed and conducive atmosphere. Although prices are at their highest during the winter season as Jamaica is driest during that time of the year, the perfect weather and seasonal events are always something to look forward to when going on a Jamaica vacation.

Weather Conditions

When you travel to Jamaica, you find that the calm Caribbean weather is warm throughout the year, with average temperatures ranging between 72°-88°. Travelers on vacation in Jamaica usually enjoy the warm days and cold nights. Sun shines almost throughout the day with a short duration of rainfall during the afternoon.

Climatic conditions during the winter season in Jamaica are usually free of rain and tropical storms hence a more pleasant vacation. Rain falls through may-December although September-October has the most amount of rainfall. June 1- November 30 is hurricane season so before embarking on a vacation to Jamaica, you should ensure you check for weather warnings.


If you want to engross yourself in Jamaican culture, winter presents excellent occasions to relish the island and all who call it home. Though the summer periods are still ideal for sun tanning, attractions during cooler periods will make your wintertime getaway, even more, remarkable!

The regular Negril Marathon in December is a memorable event starring street racing events, reggae music, and torch-lit pre-dawn drumming. In January, Jamaicans observe Rebel Salute, a complete roots reggae carnival, sans booze and meat. Similarly in January, the Jamaican Jazz Blues Festival pitches out on the east of Montego Bay. September presents Frommer’s “Featured Episode”–the Montego Bay Yacht Club Fishing Competition–, and November presents the Festival of the Crowning of Haile Selassie, previous Emperor of Ethiopia and Rastafarian prophet. Since visitors are usually more than usual during the winter season (Mid-December through Mid –April) leading to an increase in Jamaican flight and hotel rates, resorts in Jamaica should be booked months before travelling.


Some months in Jamaica do bring a large group of travelers compared to other months. Late March and April is the spring break season as High School College students eagerly look forward to a vacation in Jamaica. So when making plans to travel to Jamaica, proper considerations should be taken concerning the crowd. To be sure, you can contact your resort about their spring break just to be sure

Jamaica Resorts Booking

Making proper arrangements for a comfortable accommodation is of paramount importance when visiting Jamaica for your winter holiday. Due to the winter season being always busy, Jamaican hotels and resorts would have all their amenities functioning efficiently and exceptional staff service. The summer month is repair and maintenance time for most Jamaican resorts because of the upcoming winter months. Some persons may opt to travel to Jamaica during the summer months due to the cheap flights to Jamaica and also at discount hotel prices.

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