What is Ringworm, its Origins, Treatments and Causes?


What is Ringworm and How it Appears on Body

People might have enquired you that what is ringworm and you even didn’t know about this. No worries, you will know a lot about the ringworm after reading this piece of writing.


Ringworm can be defined as a common fungal infection that appears on the skin of the victim. It is not related with any worm and the name is due to the shape of infection that looks like a worm. Ringworm is a common name that has become famous among people. However, the medical name used for the disease is Tinea.


After analyzing the position and type of infection, the condition is again named accurately after complete analysis.

Ringworm results into a crusty and scaly rash that may look round with red patches on the skin.

There are many other symptoms that signify the occurrence of the ringworm. You can read this article also for understanding how do you get Ringworm, Some of the common symptoms include hair loss in shape of patches, scaling on scalp, blister like lesions and itching.

Treatment Options

Ringworm on Head
Ringworm at Head

If someone gets affected with this disease, then should not overlook this. There are effective treatments available for this particular disease and the victim can get recovered quickly after getting the right treatment. Most physicians successfully handle ringworms through antifungal medications that are used either orally or topically.

Affects All Age Groups

The disease is not limited to the people of specific age group, it can affect people of all age levels. However, it is very common among children and there are many important reasons behind this tendency. Climate is a significant factor in the growth of ringworms as they mostly happen in moist and warm climates. So people living in moist and warm climates are likely to get affected by the disease more than others.

Transmissible Disease

One horrible thing is that the ringworm is contagious and can be transferred from one person to another easily. If your body come in contact with the affected area of skin, then it is likely that you get the same disease.

Ringworm can also be passed to other people through sharing brushes, combs and other individual care items or even clothing.

Folks can also get its germs from pool surfaces and locker room. This particular infection is not just confined to human beings, but also affects cats, dogs and other pets living around.

Please be informed that the infection can also be transferred from animals to human beings and vice versa.

Why is it called Ringworm?

The term ringworms or ringworm actually relates to fungal infections that appear on the surface of victim’s skin. You might be thinking why the illness refers to the terms worm if it has nothing to do with the larva or any other bug. Actually the name is derived from the very initial belief that the infection was because of a worm, which is not true assumption. However, the name ringworm stays there until now.

As mentioned above that the medical name used for the disease is “tinea” which is a Latin word used for the growing worm. It is normal practice that doctors add another word in order to further identify or classify the type of infection. For example, Tinia Captis is used for the scalp ringworm, tinia corporis for the body fungus, tinia pedis to feet fungus and so on.

Diagnoses of Ringworm

Round flaking spots are created on the affected area of the skin. Doctors are required to do some specific tests in order diagnose the nature of disease in the exact manner. This may include a proper physical examination of the victim’s body, finding red rashes or spots, skin scraping evaluations under microscope and other common cultural tests.

What causes RingwormConditions of ringworms can distinct from each other, so a proper diagnosis of the condition is a must for a successful treatment.

What causes Ringworm?

We all know that the planet earth is full of fungi, yeasts and molds. Therefore, skin problems come into existence for people living in different regions of the world. These agents are known as dermatophytes (means “skin fungi”). Skin fungi is allowed to live on deceased cover of keratin protein that lies on the skin top.

They infrequently attack deeper inside skin, so there is nothing to be worried in this regard. They can’t do so because living in the mucous membranes, like mouth of vagina. Different scientific names are used for the common of the dermatophyte fungi include Trichophyton, Microsporum Canis, Trichophyton interdigitale, Epidermophyton floccosum and Trichophyton mentagrophytes.

Ringworm’s Risk Factors
Ringworm’s at legs
Ringworm’s at legs

Everyone should know about the factors that can cause someone to get affected by the ringworms.

There are a number of spots and places where from where you can get in touch with the infection of this disease.

The most dangerous thing is the person that is already affected by the ringworm.

You need to stay away from the victim of this disease so that your body remains intact and perfectly safe.

It is advisable to stay away from the moist and warm places because they are ideal home for the growth of fungi.

Therefore, try to be away from locker rooms and communal showers.

These places can become the base of spreading fungal virus. If your body get in contact with the contaminated area or surface, then you are likely to get affected by the disease no matter how many precautionary measures you adopt to stay safe.

Types of Ringworms

There are different sorts of ringworms known to date. They are classified according to the type of severity and infection. A few commonly known kinds are mentioned below.

  • Tinea barbae
  • Tinea capitis
  • Tinea corporis
  • Tinea Faciei
  • Tinea Manus
  • Tinea Pedis

Just like types of ringworm, there are a number of treatments available to cure this itchy disease. The most popular treatment is the topical treatment and systematic treatment.

Types of RingwormsOf course, no one wants to be affected by this irritated disease. So proper cleaning habits should be adopted to avoid getting infection from the surroundings. Keep the environment clean and stay away from the already affected victims.

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