Do You Know what is A Table Shower?

what is A Table Shower

What is a table shower? This question often pops up in the head of the people who are not familiar with the term. The table showers, also known as the Vichy Showers, are used in the massage parlors and are used to wash the body by another person, the therapist which is usually an Asian woman, while the customer is lying on the table.

The customer first lies face down and then on his or her back so that particular attention can be paid to his or her private parts. The table shower consists of a table with multiple nozzles installed over its head through which water can be prayed or showered.

The table is usually padded with rubber. These nozzles can be positioned by the therapist to shower the strong streams of water over the body of the customer. These powerful streams can increase the circulation of blood throughout the body and can relieve the nervous system. The table shower treatment begins with an individual lying face down on the padded table. On top of this, the shower jets are installed. This particular water massage treatment is usually combined with the other spa treatments like scrub which is followed by the traditional massage.

The table shower treatment has several benefits which have healthy effects on the body. The table shower treatment not only increases the blood circulation throughout the body, it also provides a big boost to your immune system.

The table shower lowers the blood pressure of the body and can have the increased relaxation effects. The healing system of the body is also improved by the table showers. Your body is detoxified and cleansed, though your lymph system. You will no longer need to have hydrotherapy. The table shower treatment has the necessary component of the hydrotherapy which is water. As a matter of fact, the table shower treatment is way better than the hydrotherapy since you will get a massage as well.

The full treatment of the table shower has benefits that outscore the standalone benefits of both hydrotherapy and a body massage. Since the table shower begins with a hot shower, it removes and a scrub, it removes all of the dead cells from your body and prepare it for the body massage.

This will make the massage even more effective than a simple a massage because the hot water will cause your muscles to relax and will expand your pores. This will allow your body to feel way better after the oil massage. The treatment is finished with a final shower.

The table shower treatment is totally worth it. It is a very unique and a very pleasant massaging experience so you should try it as soon as possible.

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