What is a Buttload? Let’s Define

What is a Buttload

Buttload Definition

We’ve all come across the term “buttload” and smirked a little. Don’t you think the speaker is simply trying to indicate a vast quantity of a particular item with a little bit of exaggeration without being totally rudimentary? It even sounds like it’s been censored, like the speaker in reality meant “shitload” but rather used the less vulgar term.

However, in reality, it holds behind it’s a facade a completely innocent meaning. Because guess what? Anyone who claims to have a buttload of anything really does have that thing in a huge quantity. Ladies and gentlemen, a buttload is a real, quantifiable unit of measurement.

Unit of Measurement

Yes! It is very much acceptable to use this term while describing the amount of a specific thing you may have loads of.

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Though it is used as an expression to describe the huge quantity of basically anything in today’s age, traditionally, a ‘butt’ was used when measuring any sort of intoxicant in liquid form. It is from this that the quantifiable version of the word took form, which first cropped up in the 1960s, and has since been used in gauging the volume of alcoholic beverages.

Buttload Measurement

A Buttload in fact, was an expression popular during the Middle Ages while describing the amount of wine in barrels, as said ‘butt’ was a wooden casket then used for storing gallons of wine in.

How much Buttload is in a Gallon?

The mere fact that a single butt could hold more or less 126 gallons of wine. Which at that time is enough to give anyone a good idea of just how huge that amount is.

So a buttload is a huge quantity, which in today’s time is used only informally so you may get a figurative estimate of a certain quantity. I wish you a Buttload of Happiness!

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