What Experts Are Saying About What is 0 Divided by 0?


What is 0 divided by 0? A simple question right? Could it really be that complicated or complex? Is it enough to spark in internet craze? Up until recently the answer would have been a resounding no. Then along came Siri.

What is Siri you might be asking? If you have an Apple Smart Phone you know exactly what I am referring to but if you are an Android user, this might be something new so I’ll explain. Siri is a voice recognition app available to Apple users. You speak a command or a question to your phone and Siri will find the answer for you such as problems, addresses, and a host of other problems.

It was a neat program and users were finding several good applications for this new technology. Siri would give you the answer with little comments along with it. Made it handy and fun for the user and others listening to it give you the answer. This made Siri fun and somewhat addictive, as people were waiting for the comment more than the answer.

Someone must have gotten bored or something as they asked the simple question about what is 0 divided by 0 and everything changed. Siri’s answer was finished by the cookie monster being reported to be sad and the user not having any friends. Enter the web mayhem as a new internet sensation was born. Not only by the answer but the tone I which it was delivered.

The night time television hosts and comedians had something new and original, social media such as Twitter was a buzz with this new feed to play with. Co-workers had a new item to share and giggle with along with their friends, family and other workers as well. Internet users were searching for comments, uses, shares and likes. The more they searched, the greater the popularity. They wanted to show others and sometimes just to hear the results again.

Mathematicians decided to show Siri had made a mistake as this question has no real answer. This answer can’t be truly be found since it is one of those infinity problems. Others decided to try and see what their computer could find in trying to solve this age old math problem. The results, several computers have actually crashed in trying to resolve this problem. The problem really can’t be solved it seems.

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The results of all of this? Well for  it has been tremendous as there are many people who might not ever have heard of Siri had it none been for this question. The comedians would continue along but maybe not ever found such an opportunity to have gotten as many laughs as Siri has created for them. People have found something that is on the lighter side of life instead of all the bad news and struggles they normally hear.

Heck, even for a brief time we can be a kid again. We can look at all of this and find a smile on our face with something so simple that has become so complex. I laughed many times yet I am truly amazed at what Siri really can accomplish.

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