Do You Know What Do Mechanical Engineers Do? Let Us Teach You!

- What do mechanical engineers do

After spending a long time thinking and looking information about your bachelor´s degree you may have decided to go after mechanical engineering. If you are still unsure keep reading! Today, we are going to talk about everything about this career with all that implies being a mechanical engineer. We will talk about where you can study this degree in the USA, what kind of jobs you will be able to find after you finish studying and how much would you be paid for your job. After reading all we have to bring, you will be more determined and secure about your decision!

A mechanical engineer is trained in order to design, execute, install and maintain any mechanical system. They are able to decide which material is going to be best suited for the system based on the principles of physics, engineering and materials science.   They must identify and solve any issue presented by a mechanic equipment. He must be able to develop mathematical principles in order to facilitate the application of engineer´s criteria.

  • What is mechanical engineering?

Mechanical engineering was born after the need of designing and creating small and very large mechanical systems. This field was developed during the industrial revolution back in the 18th century. The skills managed by the mechanical engineers make them desirable in almost every field since they have the sufficient knowledge in order to make anything move. They are able to design industrial equipment, cooling systems, weapons, robotics and so on. Making them a valuable part during the development of a new product or system.

The knowledge acquired by the mechanical engineers is something invaluable during these years, especially if we consider all the projects that haven´t been developed yet by humankind.

  • USA TOP mechanical engineering colleges

After having a better understanding on how mechanical engineer works is time to give a look at the top 4 colleges at mechanical engineer.

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The first one on the list is the Massachusetts institute of technology. In second place we can find Stanford University, the University of Michigan and California University. Without a doubt these are the USA top mechanical engineering colleges.

  • Mechanical engineering jobs

Even if you now have a clearer idea of what you will be studying, you might be still a little bit confused on what you are going to end up doing after getting your degree. The good news is that you will be able to find so many jobs in different fields, it all depends on what you are looking for. For example if you get a master degree you can dedicate yourself to the aerospace industry. If you are not into it you can still join the chemical or electronics industry. If you are looking to improve the national security you can join the defense industry and so much more. Mechanical engineering jobs are available almost everywhere.

  • Mechanical engineering salary

Mechanical engineering salary is very high compared to other fields. If you work hard, you may get 82,100$ according to the BLS.

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