What do Blue Tongue Lizards Eat and Prey at?

What do Blue Tongue Lizards Eat

What do blue tongue lizards eat totally depends on what they prefer to prey. These reptiles from Sceloporus occidentalis are also known as the blue belly lizard. This is so because of the shiny blue colored scales on the belly of this otherwise grayish brown lizard. They are mostly found on trees, rocks and sandy areas where they can easily climb upon these structures. They prey on a wide variety of insects. Since they are cold blooded, they live in warmer areas so that they stay active and are able to digest their food.

Where do blue tongue lizards live?

These blue belly lizards are cold blooded and hence best survive in the temperature zone between 75 and 85 degree Fahrenheit. They prefer to stay near a heat source and hence are seen outside in the wild in the sunny areas. These lizards can also survive in the cold and at night when the temperature falls down. They digest their food better in warmer conditions and also stay more active.

What do blue tongue lizards eat in the wild?

Since these blue lizards are mostly found in the open and wild areas, it suits them best to catch their prey to eat as food. They mostly eat smaller bugs and insects which are easy to catch and prey. These smaller insects include small and big ants, larvae, baby crickets and other such insects. The blue belly lizard moves swiftly and clambers with ease on trees and rocks. Hence, it is easy for them to prey on these smaller insect varieties. The bigger blue tongued skink feed on larger preys such as spiders, earthworms, mealworms, grasshoppers, crickets and wax worms amongst other options.

What to feed a blue tongue skink?

Just like any other pet, the blue tongue lizard care also needs proper attention. Many people take them home as house pets and wonder what to feed them as their staple diet. The pet blue lizard needs more or less similar food options as they do in the wild. These small insects and other food options are easily available at most pet stores. Some people fetch smaller insects and other such varieties from their backyard and feed them to their pet blue lizard. Some people who are not too keen for that can simply procure the food from the nearest pet store.

How to keep them in captivity as pets

One can get a special box made for the blue lizard or can get a cage from the pet store. Since these blue belly lizards live in the wild and open areas, one should try to create a similar environment inside their cage by using branches, stones and twigs to create a comfortable environment for them. The male lizards are dominating and larger as well; hence they should be kept single in the cage. Keep a water source inside the cage as it is an essential feature when it comes to what do blue tongue lizards eat?

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