The warm tones and the cool skin tones are the distinction found in the kinds of skin that people have. The warm or cool skin tone would help in determining of the kind of clothes, jewelry, hair, makeup, and accessories you should carry.

The neutral tones would appear good on both of these skin tones. The neutral shades involve the colors like white, brown, black and grey. These look good on any color and on all skin tones. The makeup could be made fantastic by checking your undertone and skin shade.

The simple way to find your skin tone is to see your wrist. If the vein looks greener then you have the warm undertone and if the vein appears more bluish then you’re having cool skin tone. You could also check the shade of your neck and the back of ear because these are your natural colors.

The wrist test is found better since there is less chance of the tanning over that body part as compared to all others. The warm or cool skin tone are both great and these should be accentuated for appearing confident and classy.

Cool tone

When your skin is having the cool undertone it would be advised that you sue the colors like rich raspberry, deep emerald green, pure black, plum shades, bright pink, navy, violet. These shades would look good in the clothes, makeup products, and lipsticks.

Warm tones

The warm colors include the earth shades which are muted or are crisp. The warm skin tone can use the gold, bronze, sea green, sky blue, magenta, and maroon, wine red and other colors.

The overall appearance is dependent over the colors which you pick to decorate your body. The warm or cool skin tone would look great when the above advices are taken in the consideration before applying makeup and choosing the clothes.

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