Walking Pneumonia Symptoms, Cure and Precautionary Measures


Walking Pneumonia Symptoms, Tests, and Treatments

You might not be shocked by the symptoms of walking pneumonia because they won’t let you stuck in bed. However, one should not adopt carelessness towards the mild signs of this disease. Pneumonia is a dangerous disease that mostly puts its victim to a bed, or the patient needs to be hospitalized.

Walking Pneumonia Symptoms

In most of the cases, mycoplasma pneumonia is the main criminal behind the walking pneumonia. Patients with this germ could grow the low type of fever, sore throat, dry cough and headache that mostly gets worse during nighttime. Skin rashes can also be seen in some cases.

Walking Pneumonia Symptoms
Walking Pneumonia Symptoms

Likewise, an infection named as Chlamydophila pneumonia also causes a low-grade headache, fever, sore throat, dry cough that can’t be handled easily.

Legionella pneumophila can also lead to several kinds of symptoms, ranging from a low-grade cough to high fever to breathing failure.

Though it starts a kind of atypical pneumonia and legionella pneumophila manifests itself via extra horrible symptoms. Leginnaires’ disease is a very dangerous condition and can bring muscle aches or headaches. However, about 40% of the diseased people also experience gastrointestinal symptoms including diarrhea.

Everyone should know that this sort of infection is very uncommon and does not spread easily from one individual to another. A lot of bacteria in the surroundings and the living environment can cause anyone to expose to this dangerous disease. Water systems, soil near streams and infected water are all the potential sources from where someone can get walking pneumonia.

A few cases have come into view describing the cause of this illness through the contaminated air conditioning system. Hope these are walking pneumonia symptoms will help you recognize the disease before it gets worse.

Tests for Pneumonia

Sometimes people do not notice if they are affected by pneumonia until they visit their doctor or seek medical help. Diagnosis of the disease also depends upon the medical history of a person. You may need to take a physical examination to be notified by the potential harm of pneumonia. Apart from the physical exam, the physician will also ask you about the symptoms and their age.

Tests for Pneumonia

The doctor may also ask whether anyone from your family is sick or have this sort of disease. During the test phase, the doctor is expected to listen to your chest sound using a stethoscope or he may also ask you to have a blood test and chest X-ray.

A blood test is available to confirm the existence of mycoplasma infection. However, it is not very common. There is another blood test that is conducted to identify the enhanced presence of specific immune substances also known as cold agglutinins. This particular test will not confirm that a person has walking pneumonia. Nevertheless, it can suggest this.

Types of Pneumonia

There are different sorts of pneumonia, depending upon the type of infection. There is a deadly kind that put the victim into bed or even hospital when to averse in case.

Walking pneumonia does not let you stick to bed, but the victim can do its routine work without any major problem. A few mild symptoms of this sickness can come into view, but major things will start happening after the disease gets developed. People should avoid situations that can cause a serious illness.

The percentage of pneumonia patients have increased over the last few years. One reason is the cold environment and habit of people not wearing warm clothing. Following unhealthy eating habits is also the core cause of getting this terrible disease.

Types of PneumoniaAn excessive cough can cause infection of lungs which is the very serious thing for the health of an individual.

A person should never be careless if a consistent cough is creating breathing problems. Patients with walking pneumonia can go to work or school with a mild cough. However, this health issue should not be taken lightly because the mild disease can grow and create serious health problems. The severity of the walking pneumonia depends upon the victim’s overall health and age. So the symptoms can also be different in different cases.

Pneumonia or the Flu

You might not be aware of the fact that walking pneumonia symptoms are quite similar to the symptoms of the flu. Therefore, it could be a little bit difficult for someone to judge whether it is the flu or walking pneumonia. However, the below signs will help a person detect the right types of illness. If you wish to distinguish between flu and pneumonia, please refer to the below points:

  • The patient will experience chest pain
  • The symptoms grow gradually and then get worse with the passage of time
  • The symptoms continue for more over 7 to 10 days
  • The patient will breathe rapidly but with some difficulty
  • The victim gets a cough that becomes worse at night

Mycoplasma pneumonia is the main culprit for about 15 to 50 percent for all young cases of pneumonia.

The rate of this illness is quite higher in school going, children. There are several types of seasonal diseases and walking pneumonia is one of them which starts to develop in late fall and summer. This can develop from person to person due to seasonal vulnerabilities.

Treatment of Walking Pneumonia

Walking pneumonia is treated using antibiotics. However, the cough may continue for months if left untreated. Also, the complications can arise if the patient does not pay attention to the proper treatment.

Treatment of Walking PneumoniaTo know about the effect of this disease on lungs, an X-ray is required by the physician. People who are not affected by the walking pneumonia should adopt proper precautionary measures. For instance, stay away when a person is coughing because he or she will cough up little droplets that can go to the surfaces or the next person.

Therefore, it is strongly advised that a person having a fever or a cough should stay at home until he gets rid of the illness. In this way, other people of the society can be saved from sharing the same disease. Infectious sickness is supposed to harm more people when one infected person starts spreading the infections through the air or any other medium.

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