Wal-mart is one of the biggest online fashion destinations who sell cloths and other stuff online. But now this website is in trouble as they are accused to sell offensive t-shirts on Wednesday December, 2016 which are against law.

Although many t-shirts are sold but now they have to stop selling such stiff online and it is an order or a largest police organization. Let’s know about this controversy in brief:

These offensive t-shirts become a big issue when they are posted on the website of Wal-mart. Slogans like “Black Lives Matter” and “Bulletproof” is printed on the t-shirts and sweatshirts which are considered offensive things because of the matter happened in 2012. These printed slogans are related to the 2012 chaos and thus these t-shirts are not allowed to sell to the people.

The police organization said that “such t-shirts will have a bad influence on many people plus not a good message is conducted through it. When Trayvon Martin died in the year 2012 then such slogans are used by the people plus police is accused for slaying in the year 2014.

Besides this, different people say different things as some says that it is the cat of Wal-mart for garbing attention in order to make their products popular while on the other hand Wal-mart says that they do not sell such products and this is the act of third party.

Wal-mart says that someone is using their name in order to spoil the reputation of their company but they will take strict action against it and take legal help. Also, they ask for apologies from their customers and promise them to stop such things as soon as possible.

So, let’s see how these things will turn in future as Wal-mart and police department are working together on it in. stay updated with us for latest and spicy news!

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