The Attractive Salaries of Vets and Vet Techs

vet tech salary

For some people, animals are not just animals they are families. If you are one of those animal lovers and spend most of your time around your pets, then there is a great career option waiting for you. You already love being around animals, how about getting a decent payment for doing that? According to a survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average vet salary is $92,750. And once established in the industry, this salary can reach the six-digit mark.

Vet salary varies depending on a variety of factors which are listed below:

  • Area:

Vets tend to earn better salaries in areas where they have a greater demand. In Connecticut, a vet may earn up to $126,550 whereas in Delaware his average income is $112.070. Living in a metropolitan city also means more money as compared to rural areas. In Port St. Lucie, FL the salary of vet may reach to a whopping $174,810 annually.

  • Experience:

After gaining some significant experience and establishing a name in the vet industry, be sure to earn lots of money while treating those animals.

If you are not the studious type and really don’t want to go to that veterinarian school then, there is another option for you. Your easy way out is to become a vet tech. In order to qualify to become a vet tech, you don’t need a four-year college degree, but a diploma from a two-year vet tech program. These programs allow their students to enroll part time or online. The responsibilities of a vet tech include:

  1. Assisting a veterinarian during a surgery
  2. Doing dental work of the patient
  3. Performing tests and doing lab work
  4. Keeping the medical records of the patients
  5. Writing prescriptions under the direction of a veterinarian
  6. Guiding pet owners on disease prevention and treatment, behavioral concerns and animal care.

The average veterinary technician salary is definitely not as high as that of a veterinarian. But this does not mean that their income can be termed as being low. In a given year, the average income of a vet tech is $31,070, with most of them earning between $21,390 and $45,710. They earn $2-$4 more than a non-credentialed veterinary assistant.

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There are a number of reasons that determine a vet tech salary which are:

  • Working Place:

Vet techs that are working in colleges, research laboratories and government agencies tend to earn more than those working in hospitals or private clinics.

  • Specialties:

Vet techs who have certain specialties like performing dentistry or anesthesia on animals also earn more than their counterparts. Those who have a command on animal behavior and surgery are also well paid comparatively.

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  • Education:

Better education from a reputed college will bring more income for a vet technician.

  • Experience:

More experience in the field definitely means better salary.

As compared to other occupations, the employment rate of vet technicians is going to increase by 19% till 2024, as proposed by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. This means better job opportunities and an improved vet technician salary. So, let the animal lover inside you do what it really wants to do while enjoying a handsome salary.

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