How To Know If Becoming A Veterinarian Is Right For You

Becoming A Veterinarian Is Right For You

Are you considering becoming a vet as a career choice? Well, first it’s important to take into account all of the things that are will be required of you before you can fulfill this dream. Because only when you know all these details, can you make a truly informed decision.

1 – Are You Passionate?

Have you loved animals for as long as you can remember? Have animal welfare issues or the concept of animal rescues appealed to you? Even if you have just had a love for movies and books with some of these themes, would be enough to know that you’re on the right track.

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A lot of potential candidates for this career get quite hung up on the unpleasant aspects of this job, like euthanasia, or dealing with animals that are the victims of abuse and neglect. True there is nothing quite as unsettling as the first time you have to put an animal down, but it really isn’t all that bad when you get past that first time, or if you simply see the greater good you will actually be providing.As long as you realize that there’s a bigger picture here, and that it is your calling to do what needs to be done so you can help these animals, then you are probably an ideal candidate for this job.  Of course just having a love for animals isn’t enough to get you there, it is the most important factor in deciding whether this job is right for you.

8 years total to become a veterinarian

It will only be after you put in the work to learn all you need to, in order to develop the skills necessary to provide the care and treatment these animals require. And the first thing you’ll need to be able to get through all the work it takes is passion.

2 – Do You Want To Focus On A Particular Specialty?

If you can figure out what kind of veterinarian you’d like to become, even before you begin applying anywhere, can really help your chances of being accepted. Veterinary schools usually have different types of training, or some specialize in only one, so knowing up front which one should be one of your priorities. Do some comparative research online. Google is great for this, especially YouTube videos. They will give you a great indication of what each kind entails.

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Of course becoming a specialist veterinarian will take more time you will have to devote to studying (2 years on average) it will be a higher paying, and potentially more rewarding job. Not to mention how much this focus will help in your application essay. As one of the first things that they’ll be looking for is that you know what you want and why you want it.

3 – Are You Willing To Put In The Time In Preparation?

One of the best ways, not only to gain experience, but also to see if you are cut out for this line of works is by volunteering to help out at a nearby vet, humane society or farm. There are also undergraduate programs that can provide you the necessary classes that are a prerequisite for  veterinary college.  These programs often will allow students the ability to get degrees in animal/biological sciences while gaining experience working with animals and other trained veterinarians.  You will learn hands-on what it’s like to work with many different species of animals.  A good figure to aim for is at least 180 hours of experience to successfully apply for veterinary school.

Wildlife Veterinarian as your Career

Job Security

Becoming a veterinarian is one of the safest careers that you can go into, as demand for qualified veterinarians is always on the up. This is because of a few things: increases in pet ownership, and in human population, with their needs for more food continues to rise. There is also a steady interest and growth in the number of organizations that help save endangered species providing a lot of jobs for veterinarians. Jobs that are unlikely to be replaced by robots or AI any time soon. Something which can’t be said of many other careers that you can go into these days…

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