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vet technician job

General info about vet technicians

If you are wondering who is helping your pet’s veterinarian, it is the veterinary technician. The role of a vet technician is similar to a nurse in a doctor’s office. They are very important for taking care of animals at clinics, hospitals, rescue shelters, and even zoos. A vet technician makes sure of the sick and injured animals and they tend to offer the best possible care and attention.

Top 5 US Veterinarian Colleges

Their job is a huge role because they are the first ones that examine the animal when it arrives in the clinic. There are many vet technician jobs, depending on their specialty. A vet technician can be specialized in many areas, such as dentistry, nutrition, pathology and anesthesiology. Also, they are the main supervisors of the vet assistants and how well are they doing their vet assistant job.

What Does a Vet Technician Do – Tasks and Responsibilities

The main job of the vet tech is to assist and helped the professional and licensed veterinarian while he/she makes the diagnose for the injured or sick animals. Vet Technician usually help the diagnose to be right and precise.

Facts About Becoming a Veterinarian

There are many duties of a vet technician job. They watch and carefully observe the animal’s behavior and condition and they tend to offer the best nursing care or emergency first aid for the best possible recovery of the animals. Another of their regular duties is to bathe the animals, clip their nails and claws and brush or cut their hair. They prepare the animals for all kinds of exams and surgeries and they need to restrain them during those exams and procedures.

When some animal needs to be tested, a vet technician’s job is to collect all of the required lab samples, such as blood, urine, tissue, etc. They also perform x-rays if there is a possibility of a fracture, they administer the anesthesia to the animals and then monitor their reactions. The veterinarian prescribes the needed treatment and a vet assistant’s and vet technician’s job is to administer those medications, vaccines and other treatment methods. The maintenance and the collecting of the patient’s medical records is also done by a veterinarian technician.

What Are The Education Requirements to Become a Vet Technician?

If you want to have a vet technician job, you need to finish a degree program at a school accredited by the AVMA (American Veterinary Medicine Association) which lasts 2 years and then you will be qualified for the certification. Most of the USA’s vet technicians are certified by the so called National Association of Vet Technicians in America.

Vet Technician Job Salary Information

The last research for knowing the median annual salary for the vet technicians was made in 2012 and it was $30.290.

How much do vets make a year

The vet technicians’ job that was paid the most was nearly $44.030. So, the vet techs who worked for state and federal programs, earned higher salaries, vet techs who were included in some research and academic programs also earned high salaries and other vet tech jobs in other fields were less paid. A vet tech job is a job with very variable schedules, but it is believed that the job market for them will grow for amazingly 30% over this upcoming decade.

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