There are various amazing answer you get when question is asked- Are Venus fly traps alive? Which are interesting to know but real answer to this question is to be discussed. People who are excited to know more about new creatures use to search more on it.

For that, they take the help of the researcher’s theory. Here, if we talk about the research then according to it, Venus fly traps are alive, as same as the other plants. They even grow and live but without a brain.

In this above sentence, the word alive contains several meanings here. If we look, about here the meaning of the alive, in the name of Venus flies traps, then its biological meaning:

“Having the life is in just opposition to dead; in this state, the living being organ performs their task or activities same as the plants and animal perform which is alive.”

Are Venus fly traps aliveTo be considered alive Venus fly trap with all criteria. In spite of being alive they can’t stay conscious like the humans; the reason behind it is that they are not at all capable of thoughts.

People get amazed when they look these plants snapping to catch the insects; this makes human think are they more alive in comparison to other plants. But the true answer to the question of “Are Venus fly traps alive? “The answer would be in yes, they are alive but not more than any other plants which are there in nature.

The action of snap shut that you have seen is a complicated chemical reaction, which gets occurs or triggered when insects stimuli get in touch of its traps.

Therefore, Venus fly traps also have the life, but they are without a brain, in fact, they use chemical and physical reactions in order to shut trap to catch the fly at the right time.

Are Venus fly traps alive? For answering this question, several biologists do numbers of research on it, that’s why the result comes out in front of us.

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