TV Crew in Search of Fish Catches Fisherman!

TV Crew in Search of Fish Catches Fisherman

It was a delightful moment for the TV crew when they were able to trap the fisherman instead of the special species for which they are exploring! River Monsters of Animal Planet captures dangerous sea creatures by accomplishing well-planned search. The show’s host Jeremy Wade was surprised to find castaway on the deserted island off the coast of Australia.

It is quite common for ‘Real Monsters’ to come with dangerous sea creatures. As per Stephen Shearman, the director of the episode, ‘Death Down Under’, the fisherman named Tremine was going to die. He was without food and water for 60 hours. The human body can survive for 70 to 72 hours without water. TV crew saves castaway is an unexpected event. The crew is happy to make a big deal by saving a fisherman. They had enough stuff to cover a real story and great satisfaction by saving one soul.

Tremine is very much acquainted with the area. He is an experienced hobby fisherman. He used to take short camping and of fishing trips. The conditions of the day were not expected by him. After leaving the boat, Tremine took a wrong turn. He was in search of oysters. Even though he tried to walk back, it became heavy to face the sun. He went back and took rest on the beach. Having suffering sun stroke, he was unable to move further. He spent the whole night on the beach. Tremine tried to move the next morning as well. As the sun was too much for him, he was trapped.

Even though Tremine is very much experienced in fishing and the local landscape, he yielded to the situation very easily. Fortunately, Tremine’s friend, Ashley had been the guide to the crew on that day. He was recognized by Ashley immediately. Tremine had not wife or kids. Hence, no one suspected about his missing.

As soon as Tremine was brought to the boat, he was offered water by the crew. He was unable to take dehydration pills as well. He was unable to drink as his body was not prepared to accept. Tremine was very much embarrassed when you met the crew. Tremine was brought to the lodge where the crew was staying and he become normal by the next day. He got his strength after being rehydrated. He had a very quick recovery.

Shearman had compiled many adventurous stories in the past. However, the Tremine story is completely different.

Tremine was prepared to die and he prayed his last prayer as well. He has given up smoking. He also promised God that he will smoke again as he might have light up and cooked food on that fateful day. This was narrated by Shearman in a humorous way. The rescue took place in November 2015. The amazing real story was aired on Animal Planet last week. You can go through many interesting stories as you follow the Real Monsters on Animal Planet which will be aired on every Thursday at 10 pm.

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