What is the best place to live in the world? Let’s take look at the top ten places to live in the world!

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a great place for students due to the high regard for its many prestigious universities. The Netherlands is also ideal for people who love to get around via walking and bicycling; Holland is considered to be the bicycling capital of the world.


Portugal is well known for its warm climate, friendly and low-crime population, and a low cost of living when compared to the other European countries which surround it.


Luxembourg is small country with a lot to offer, including beautiful landscapes and historical sites. It is one of the richest countries in the world, and great care is taken to maintain public infrastructures such as roads, parks, cities and everything in between.


Iceland is another country that proudly boasts beautiful landscapes; but it can also proudly boast clean cities as well, since Iceland frequently makes the top mark when ranking countries by cleanliness. Iceland is also well known for its high standard of education. The literacy rate in Iceland is 99.9%, making it the country with the best literacy rate in the world. If you love books, this is the place for you!


Switzerland is frequently ranked very highly by international organizations who measure a country’s overall quality of life. The reason for this is that the country is considered to be overall safe, secure, wealthy, educated, and generally able to provide as many citizens as possible with a high quality of life.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful country that proudly boasts some of the most extraordinarily beautiful natural landscapes in the world. The country is large, but the population is considerably small, which may be one of the reasons why the overall quality of life in New Zealand is so high.

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Australia boasts a high life expectancy, a high per capita income, and high rankings in education and literacy levels which are just a few of the reasons this country is considered great to live in. Australia is also well known for its gorgeous natural landscapes and wildlife, including marine reefs.


Norway is a country best known for its clean air rankings, abundance of clean fresh water sources, overall healthy citizens, and its abundance of beautiful natural parks, forests and other destinations.

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Sweden offers exceptional parental leave, has a strong focus on the importance of parenting, childcare and education, and is exceptionally known for its secure public transportation systems which extend even to remote areas.


Denmark is the best place to live in the world. Why? Its crime rate is almost zero, it has exceptionally clean air and water, it boasts a highly regarded health care system, families are given extended parental leave and free childcare assistance, and the citizens of Denmark routinely participate in charitable works and the general upkeep of their neighborhoods. Denmark truly is the place to be!

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