The top ten most dangerous dog breeds, comprises the more aggressive dogs that are predisposed to make humans to fear aggression in dogs, as they easily inflict considerable injuries. The statistics on the fierceness of dog breeds around the world-based on dog bites per breed, and fatalities categorises these breeds as the top ten most dangerous dog breeds in the world.

1. Pitbulls

PitbullsThese are by far the most aggressive dog breeds of all time. Though they make about 6% of the entire estimated dog population, they are disproportionately more responsible for most deaths and injuries to people and other animals. These naturally aggressive dogs tend to weigh an average of 60 pounds. While most pitbulls can be categorised as tameable, about 15% of them always fail the temperate tests. They are the most commonly used dogs in dog fighting contests.

2. Rottweilers     

RottweilersWith an average weight of about 120 pounds when fully grown, Rottweilers are extremely loyal to their owners but also very territorial and naturally very aggressive towards outsiders. They make for great security dogs, but horrible family pets their loyalty notwithstanding. Rottweilers make up about 4% of the dog breeds but ranks very high in aggressiveness and unwarranted attacks on both humans and other dog breeds.

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3. Huskies     

HuskiesHuskies tend to be cute dog breeds with boundless energies and hearty loyalty to the owners. They weigh pretty much the same as pitbulls though they are way more adventurous than pitbulls. A properly trained husky is a delight to have, but an unhealthy environment, bullying and inadequate training can make huskies one of the most dangerous dog breeds to have around in your home.

4. The German Shepherds                                                                                  

The German ShepherdsAt 100 pounds when fully mature German shepherds are intelligent and very strong dog breeds, which make for quite helpful and engaging companions. They are curious social animals, built to explore and understand the world around them. They are outdoorsy dogs that are naturally fast and fond of people but the downside being that they are highly vulnerable to disease and germs.

5. Malamutes                                                                                                        

MalamutesThese Alaskan animals are a case of energy that ought to be properly channelled when they are young. The fact that they are heavy (weighing in at 100 pounds when fully grown), energetic and intelligent makes them either a worthy adversary or a great asset for you. They are one of the easiest dogs to pet, though they are slow at learning and retaining habits.

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6. Doberman Pinschers                                                                                        

Doberman PinschersThese are the quintessential security dogs characterised by quick wit, aggressiveness and domination. Weighing in at an average of 70 pounds when fully grown, they are very intuitive, contentious and very reserved when they are around strangers. They are probably the most-self-aware and sound sensitive dogs with an incredible ability to work alongside you. Given their exceptional intelligence and energies a poorly trained Doberman is probably the, world’s dangerous dog, to have around.

7. Bullmastiff

BullmastiffThese are one of the largest dog breeds with long legs and a heavy head. They can weigh up to 120lbs and since they are naturally security dogs you can never take chances with their training. Their height, weight and personality makes them impressively strong, tough, belligerent and imposing. They make for excellent guard dogs that is if you have taken the time to train them into obedient and loyal dogs.

8. The Great Danes

The Great DanesWeighing in at around 200 pounds the great Danes are imposing beasts with incredible energy and astounding aggressiveness. They need proper training and regular frequent exercise to keep them engaged and obedient. The irony is that they are the biggest dog breeds in the world but also the most sensitive, and they make for quite poor feeders. These dogs grow rapidly just like the Rottweilers and have to be taught when young.

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9. Boxer                                                                                                                    

BoxerThese dogs are aggressive and uncontainable on the merit that they are a very independent breed. Weighing in at 70 pounds when fully mature boxers are among the medium-sized dogs breeds. These short tailed dogs are among the most popular pet breeds in most countries. They are of German descent where they are still used as security dogs. Boxers are naturally loyal and demand a very balanced and deliberate system of reward, training and punishment to keep them obedient.

10. Akitas                                                                                                          

AkitasThese wolf-like breeds are naturally fearless animals that never back down from a challenge. Though Akitas are generally not aggressive dogs, their relentlessness and fierce loyalty is a double edged sword to watch out for. If trained properly, this dog breed makes for a very reliable friend and a fantastic pet to have around.

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