How to Make Title Page Format In The Most Effective Manner?

title page format


To title page format one must follow certain guidelines to and take care of certain essential components of formatting it. The location or the placement of the title page is the first point of consideration. The title page appears at the top of the first page in the first major section of the document. There are some essential components such as the running title or the label, page number, full title of the paper, full name of the author, affiliated educational institution and author’s note.

Some other components for title page format

There are few key components which must be included in the title page format of the paper. Other than these essential elements, it’s important to take proper directions from one’s instructor. Some instructors prefer other components such as course number, date of submission of the paper, name of the professor and other such details. The author’s note may or may not be essential.

Format the running head or the label

It’s important that like the rest of the paper, the title page should also be double spaced. It should be typed in times new Roman and keep 1 inch margin on all sides. After this, put the running head on the upper left corner of the title page and keep the page number on the right corner of the page. It should be written in capital letters and should not be more than 50 characters in all. On all others pages use a shortened form of running head only. The 50 characters include all punctuation marks also.

How to format the full title of the paper?

The full title of the page should be placed in the upper half of the page. The first letter of all major words must be in capital letters. The title should not be more than 12 characters and should fill one or maximum two lines. There is no need to format the title into bold or Italics. Also, one should not be using abbreviations or short forms of any kind in the title of the paper.

How to format the author byline?

After the full title of the paper is done with, the next thing to follow is the author’s byline. This means his or her full name including first name, middle initial and the last name. If there are two authors of the paper, then separate the byline of the two authors with “and” or any other word. If there are more than two authors, then separate their bylines with commas.

About the institution or the organisation

After the author byline follows the educational institution or the organisation that the author is affiliated with. The name of the institution that one attends or the institution which has provided some kind of support to the author for the research must be included. After this one may or may not include the note by the author. That depends on one’s instructor also, as to what guidelines must be followed to title page format of one’s paper.

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