A flower garden is so beautiful. Are you looking for ideas to get more growth and beauty from your flowers? There are seven simple steps you can take to make your garden as nice as possible. Even if you don’t have time to completely make over your garden, you can still get it looking as nice as possible and ready for your next garden party.

It’s best to tackle the easy projects. There are a few that can instantly make your garden look great and make your want to do even more to spruce up your space.

  1. Spruce Up Your Plants

Pruning your plants by removing dead growth and lower branches can make a real difference in the appearance of your garden. Properly trimming your shrubs, trees and bushes makes look nicer and allows air to circulate throughout the plant. Cleaning up around the bottom of the plant also opens up space for more planting. Take time to identify areas that can use pruning. Focus on foliage or branches that are touching the ground or which are changing the shape of the plant. Always use sharp cutting tools so you don’t damage the plant.

  1. Dress Up Your Pots

If you are using pots to showcase certain plants, taking a little time to dress them up can improve their appearance. Begin by scraping away the top layer of the pot’s soil or compost. When you do this, you can clear away moss, weeds, and dead leaves.  If there are stubborn weeds in the pot, use a garden knife or a weeding tool to pull them out. Replace this soil with new potting soil or a decorative mulch. Water until completely saturated and keep an eye on it to prevent overwatering.

  1. Fix Up The Surrounding Area

If your garden pots are sitting on your patio, take some time to weed any cracks or between the paving stones. You should scrape away any weeds or moss all the way down to the soil. Once all the weeds or other foliage are gone, you’ll need to fill in cracks and gaps in the patio. Use a mixture of one part cement to three parts sand. Add water and mix. Using a trowel, push the mixture down into cracks in the pavement or in between the patio pavers. Smooth over the new mixture with a trowel and allow to set.

  1. Brighten With Color

If you don’t want to wait for color, you can use potted plants to brighten up your garden area until the flowering plants mature. You can also plant quick-growing flowering plants such as primroses or violas to fill in the bare earth until the larger flowering plants begin to bloom. Flowering ground covers are another great way to ensure year-long color in your garden. Plants such as Dianthus, Blue Star Creeper, Mazus and Dwarf Impatiens all provide beautifully colored flowers to brighten your garden.

  1. Add Another Flowerbed

If your flower garden has some bare spots, consider putting in another flower bed. You could also dig up some older plants that aren’t blooming as well as they once did and replace these with new flowering plants. Choose a space that has at least partial sunlight.

Begin by turning the soil with a spade. You’ll need to remove the grass by lifting up the turf. Keep the sizes manageable by cutting squares of turf and then lifting them individually. Once the top turf is removed, you’ll need to loosen the dirt underneath. Once the dirt is loosened, you are ready to plant.

Choose flowering plants that will work with the amount of sunshine the area receives. Different plants will require different spacing. Also, check the potential height of each plant to ensure you don’t end up blocking a plant with a taller one.

  1. Build Your Garden In Threes

When you are choosing flowering plants for your garden, purchase three of a kind when you find one you like. Herbaceous plants such as achilleas and geraniums look great when they are planted in bunches instead of spread out. Grouping plants can create a show of color and have a powerful impact in your garden.

summer-still-lifeAnother idea is to choose plants with blooms in the same color spectrum. Plant these in groups or along the edge of the garden to line it with color. This is a beautiful way to make your garden stand out.

  1. Eliminate Old Or Dead Plants

If you have areas with dead foliage or weeds, get rid of them. Remove old shrubbery and dead bushes and replace them with new plants. Your garden needs new plants occasionally so it continues to produce color. New plants will add life and vigor to your garden and keep it looking great for years to come.

  1. Keep Your Pots Clean

Keeping your pots clean is an important part of keeping your garden looking nice. Use a good scrub brush, a little detergent, and some warm water to get them clean and looking their best.

  1. Water Fountains Look Great

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