Threat of Lawsuit Over Cancerous Talc

Threat of Lawsuit Over Cancerous Talc

A striking jury verdict goes in favor of women. She claims that the baby powder leads to ovarian cancer. The jury Ordered to pay 55M to the woman as she claimed that the talcum powder manufactured by Johnson and Johnson caused the development of ovarian cancer.

There are two recent verdicts against Johnson & Johnson awarding a total to $127 million to women who were successful in claiming that the talcum powder is the culprit behind the development of ovarian cancer. As a matter of fact, the company is facing around 1200 lawsuits after the jury order of $55 million. As per the jury, the company failed to advertise about the product’s cancer risks.

The verdict was returned to Gloria Ristesund after a three-week trial in Missouri state court. $5 million was awarded as compensatory damages and $50 million as punitive damages. As per J&J officials, the verdict contradicts the 30 years of research supporting the safe use of the talc. The company has claimed that it will keep defending its product’s safety and it appeals the verdict.

As per Gloria Ristesund’s information, she used Baby Powder and Shower to Shower Powder on her genitals for many decades. As per the information revealed by her lawyers, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She underwent a hysterectomy and other surgeries. The cancer is in the downward trend at the moment.

After the verdict, J&J shares tumbled down by 18 per cent. It came to $112.57. The verdict follows $72 million jury award from the same court to a woman who died due to ovarian cancer after using the talcum powder for female hygiene. The verdict led to great significance about talc-powder lawsuits among plaintiff’s lawyers and consumers who are familiar with J&J products. However, scientists denounce it as the real evidence is inconclusive.

A lawsuit was filed in South Dakota federal court in 2013 and it found that J&J was negligent. But, it didn’t award any damages. J&J lost millions of dollars due to a loss in sales and legal settlements. As per New Brunswick-based Company, it faces about 1400 lawsuits involving baby powder. All the lawsuits claim that the company failed to inform about the potential risk associated with the usage of the talcum powder. J&J defends its claim that the talc is safe as per multiple scientific and regulatory reviews.

The American Cancer Society posts on the website that the research results on potential risk between woman’s use of talcum powder in the genital area and cancer have been mixed. Some reports show slightly increased risk while other reports no increase.

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