Third notice of testimony is received by UNC regarding fake university scandal

fake university scandal

North Carolina comes in limelight when they were declared as a fraud university and since then they are recivi9ng allegation notice. Rick White is the UNC spokesman who said that the university will release their document on Wednesday but the realizing time is not mentioned.

Besides this, the charges on this fake university are very serious which include irregular courses taught throughout the years by the university department.

First charge was filed in the year 2015 in May and the notice is revised again in April in the same year.

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In both of the versions, there is a charge of poor institutional control in football program held in 2010. But Carolina said that they receive third NOA in order to slow down the case when it was going to solve soon.

After all these things, now UNC will going to face a deadline of 90 days and this is for the third time and if they cross their deadline then  have to face various penalties.

Again in October, they appeared for a hearing before infractions committee panel regarding their serious charges. In this hearing, NCAA’s jurisdiction is challenged by UNC as they said that they had a proper authority plus they are recognized university and thus their course and syllabus is standardized.

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Besides this, regarding the football case they said that in 2011, NCAA is ware with the issues but they find nothing wrong or violated and that’s why they are innocent.

Also, NCAA released a document in October said that the arguments with UNC are without merits and after that an independent investigation is conducted since 2014.

Besides this, the case mainly focused on studies department of African and Afro-American plus they research about papers regarding GPA-boosting grades. Also, many of the lectures are misidentifies due to which the course did not completed.

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Besides this, it affects more than 3100 students and now the whole story will be declared in future. So, for further information stay with us!

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