The Other Wes Moore Sparknotes For A Better Understanding Of This Novel

the other wes moore sparknotes
the other wes moore sparknotes

The other wes moore sparknotes give a clear and concise understanding of this novel to help out the readers with their paper on it. Spark notes have emerged as a great way to help cut out the confusion and make for better school work and paper work. Here, the book in question is “The Other Wes Moore” which is written by the author Wes Moore. The narrator of the story of this novel is the author himself who dwells on the life and eccentricities of the two protagonists- Wes Moore and the other Wes Moore.

Main characters of the Other Wes Moore Sparknotes

The main Wes Moore is a character who lives with his mother and two sisters. He has a difficult childhood because of the death of his father. When he grows up, he is sent to military school which changes his life. The other Wes Moore is shown in the prison. He lives with his mother and brother Tony. He also faces difficult childhood because of the death of his father. He sold drugs and participated in a jewelry store robbery with his father and also assisted in killing of a police officer.

The two characters meet

After the other Wes Moore is sent to jail for the crimes he committed, the main Wes Moore starts visiting him in the prison. This story shows how two men with the same name live drastically different lives. The role of education is emphasized again through this novel along with the smaller details in life which can change a person forever.

Characters that helped

The main Wes Moore held on to a few memories of his dead father, which helped him and guided him through difficult times in life. Wes’s mother, Joy, also helped him throughout with the main decision of sending him to military school where his grades, performance, strength and conditioning improved. The other important character in Wes’s life is Colonel Bratt, who helped him to understand the true meaning of courage and honour. Other family members Mama, Zinzi and Viwe also helped Wes in his journey.

Characters that helped other Wes Moore

The other Wes Moore who is in prison for the killing of a police officer has important characters in his life. His mother Mary tries to raise a good boy but he unfortunately went down the wrong path.

His brother Tony tries well in the beginning but gives up on Wes later in the story. He involves Wes in the jewelry store robbery.

Woody is Wes’s friend who doesn’t get involved in Wes’s activities but doesn’t help him in life. Cheryl, Wes’s wife who is a drug addict, Shea, Wes’s friend who dragged him in drug dealings didn’t help Wes Moore in his life.

About the book

This novel “the Other Wes Moore”: one name, two fates talks about the major conflict in life of two main protagonists. The book is written in past tense when main Wes Moore visits the other Wes Moore in prison. The theme circles around education, fate, drug dealing and other such issues of the characters. The other wes moore sparknotes give an insight into the theme and story of this novel.

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