Swiss, Gold and Luxurious: The Best Watch Brands For Men

The Best Watch Brands For Men

When we think about the best watch brands for men, only a few brands jump into our minds: Rolex, Bruguet and more. Along with these brands, thoughts of luxury and expense follow. Whether it’s gold, Swiss, or designer watches, there are many different top luxury watch brands for men’s watches that we lust after.

Watches are meant to be beautiful, luxurious and turn heads. They are a fashion statement and all men want the best in the business. Since the early to late 1700’s, many luxury watch brands have stuck around for men to enjoy. These long lasting years in the history of these designer watches have built an impression for the top luxury watch brands because of their innovation, original designs and accuracy.

Here are some of the highly talked about and top luxury and designer brands for men’s watches:

Rolex watches have a great history and a vast spread around the world. With a price range from quite affordable to being some of the most expensive watches for men, Rolex is one of the best commercially viable companies within the Swiss watch brands.

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Ulysse Nardin has a long history of manufacturing Swiss watches for men. These watches are most well known for their very accurate clocks. They use what is called a marine chronometer, which uses the longitude based off of marine locations in order to create a very accurate time keeping device.

Blancpain is one of the oldest Swiss companies still manufacturing men’s luxury watches today. They really believe in producing quality watches over quantity as they only produce around 30 watches every day to ensure they are they are the best quality that they can make.

Jaeger-Lecoultre is a luxury Swiss watchmaking company with many different honours to its name winning the name for the world’s most complicates and smallest calibre watches ever created. The designs of Jaeger-Lecoultre watches are very recognisable and very beautiful.

Breguet watches are made by a Swiss manufacturer and are easily recognisable among the designer watch community. They have features such as the blue hands and the coin-edge cases that speak out for their authenticity and prove them to be a real treasure.

Vacheron Constantin produces well designed and beautiful, graceful watches. Priding themselves on their successful history in creating the first piece of technology introduces to a watch face other than a time telling device, they have perfected the craft and stand highly among other Swiss manufactures today.

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Patek Philippe & Co. is a Swiss “ultra” luxury watchmaker that is honoured by their ability to control accuracy and craftsmanship within their pieces. They are the owners of designs for some of the most complicates and mechanical watches ever made and have many masters within their midst.

Audemars Piguet produces Swiss-made men’s watches with very high and complex mechanical capabilities. These watches have great innovation often being called “ultra-luxury” watches due to the beautifully made designs.

A. Lang & Shone is a German watchmaking company priding themselves on producing some of the world’s best watches. Though it’s a relatively new company compared to some of the other on this list, they have a very good name for themselves and their luxury men’s gold and designer watches are some of the most original and unique looking in the world.

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