Which Country Is the Best Country in the World 2016?

the Best Country in the World

There is no contest when it comes to which country is the best country in the world. America is hands-down the best country in the world, sorry everyone else. When asked why, out of all the country rankings in the world, that America is rated the highest, most people will immediately yell out “FREEDOM!!!!” in sheer excitement, and while that is a glorious example, it is not the only reason that the United States of America is so great. There are a ton of reasons why the Home of the Brave is the best.

When it comes to the top country, America takes the cake. We have helped protect the world from tyranny and attempted world domination three, yes THREE, times. While we didn’t win World War I, World War II, or the Cold War all by our lonesome, we were the biggest contributing factor during all three wars.

We have always been trying to defend the freedom of others, and we have the track record to prove our cause.

We spread freedom like it is warm, melty butter. That is, we spread it everywhere and easily. America’s haters will try to deny it all the time, but we are the forefront leader in spreading freedom and democracy across the world. The US is the world’s oldest continuous republic and we have been doing our best to spread the word about our system of government ever since it was created.

Wherever we go, we set up bases for freedom to start and to release people from their tyrannical leaders, and we have so far been pretty successful. We have freedom like no other place, and we sometimes have the tendency to take it to the extreme which we can do because America is so free.

Unlike other places, America hasn’t tried to use its power to create more tyranny or useless conquest. We use our military power to protect and free, not to take over and destroy, no matter how much people want to cry otherwise.

If it weren’t for our men and women in uniform, America would still be drinking English tea, instead of throwing it into the harbor. Also, what a statement that was! Next time you’re in a big fight, retaliate by throwing someone’s tea into a big expanse of water and see what they do.

So go on, chant proudly and loudly so that everyone can hear us!! USA! USA! USA!

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