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We request website users to read the terms and conditions before using the information  and services. If you use our website, it is understood that you consent with the terms & conditions. When you are accessing information on a continuous basis, it implies that you agree with the terms & conditions completely.

Eligibility to use information

Person of any gender who is above 13 years of age can use information presented on our website. Children below 13 years of age, should access under the parental guidance.

Conduct of members

All the information presented on the website is copyright protected. The copyright includes on content such as images, videos and text. The content presented on the website is either purchased or royalty-free. The software used in the production and distribution of the content is copyrighted. You should use the content for your personal use only. It is not permitted to use for commercial purposes. You are not allowed to copy, distribute and sell the content without written permission from SecretSubject.com. You will not hold any rights to modify the content or transfer the content or store the content in any kind of format. Copying, distribution or storage of partial or complete information is prohibited by law and it will be treated as an offence to be punished by law.

The sharing of information is permitted on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus. In this case, you should create back-links to our website. Before publish on other sites, you are advised to take permission from us. We hold the right to permit, cancel or dismiss the sharing of part or complete content.

You should access the content on our website as per the law that prevails in your land. If there is prohibition of the content presented on our site in your country, you should abide by the law. It should not be construed that SecretSubject.com produces prohibitory and offensive content. As SecretSubject.com produces content on secret subject in its entirety, it will be presented in openness. Rational thinking is promoted and some views might not be acceptable to some people based on their religious beliefs, customs and traditions. Hence, you should access information presented on the website as per the terms and conditions presented on our website.

The website access should be for lawful purposes only. The use of the information should not violated the local or national law. It should not violate the proprietary right of third party associates. As a member of the website, you should be responsible for producing decent content. Defamatory content should not be produced.

Content and nature of website

We present various kinds of articles, images and videos. A single post might contain some or all of these sections. We take utmost care in the presentation of information. In spite of going through number of verification steps, errors are prone to take place. We are not responsible for the accuracy, relevance of data.

The posts presented on the website reflect the opinions of authors. There will be generalized conclusions. It is not intended to polarize or promote individual or groups. As you use the information presented on the content, you will consent with the content. If you are offended by using the content presented on the website, you are advised to stop using the content.

We have complete rights to change the content, delete or modify the content. We are not responsible for the damages that take place due to the unavailability of content. The products and prices might change without any notice.

Access and availability of website

The services of third parties are taken to offer best possible services. We will take best possible steps so that the website is accessible at all times. However, no representations are made in this context. We reserve the right to stop certain sections on our website without any prior intimation. Certain visitors might be blocked to get access to our website. Some users might be given restricted access.

Third party links and websites

SecretSubject.com contains links to third parties. The links are presented to serve the interests of users in the best possible way. However, we do not exercise any control on the content presented on third party websites. If you access information or services from third party, you should go through the respective terms and conditions presented on third party websites. We disclaim responsibility for the nature of content, products and services presented on third party website. If you are submitting personal information on third party sites, it should be done after going through the terms and conditions that are presented on the third party website. SecretSubject.com is not responsible for any kind of damage that takes place in this direction.


Secretsubject .com disclaim all responsibility for the damage incurred to user with the usage of information or inability to access information. You should go through the website disclaimer to know more about limitation of liability and warranty. You are advised to go through the disclaimer section to know more about our services.

Privacy policy

SecretSubject.com is committed to safeguard the privacy of users.

You are advised to go through the privacy policy so that you will understand how we collect, use and process information.We esteem our website users. However, legal action will be taken if users fail to comply with our terms and conditions.

Updates to terms and conditions

Terms and conditions will be updated on regular basis. Our website visitors should go through the updates on regular basis so that they will be aware of the latest terms and conditions.