10 sweet things to do for your girlfriend just because…

sweet things to do for your girlfriend

Sometimes the monotony, the stress in our lives or the uncontrolled chaos can affect us so much that we don’t even realize. If you are in a stable relationship it may be harmed because of this, so it is important not to neglect the connection we have with our girl and learn how to surprise your girlfriend at any time. You don’t need huge plans or excessive attention, as only the true, honest and emotional experiences are the ones that connect us with our special love.

  • A letter from your handwriting in which you say not only something sweet to your girlfriend but also how she makes you feel every day you are together. Give it to her when she doesn’t expect it and become the best boyfriend of the world.
  • Travel, no matter where. The desire to know and enjoy new experiences with your girlfriend is something that should never die in a relationship. Set aside a weekend to go somewhere; wherever you want. The important thing is to live the adventure together.
  • Make a song list. Use the latest apps or website of music on streaming to put together her favourite songs and the songs that mean something for your relationship. Just knowing that you took the time to choose the songs will melt her heart.
  • Marathon of her favourite movies. All you need is to choose the movies and spend a whole day lying on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and enjoying the company of the person you love. Enjoy the small pleasures of life!
  • Leave post-it notes around the house. This is one of the best ways of writing sweet things to say to girlfriend. They are little surprises that will make her smile. You can put them inside the book she is reading, inside her laptop or on the mirror. Very romantic!
  • Adventure sports are one of those fun things to do with your girlfriend. You have plenty to choose: paragliding, bungee jumping, kitesurf… Enjoy the rise of adrenaline together!
  • Never forget her birthday! It is a very important and significant day, so don’t spoil it: prepare a bunch of cute thing for girlfriends’ birthday –you may take another look at this list!

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  • Prepare her breakfast (and bring it to bed!). Nothing feels more special and sweet than having breakfast together in bed. Don’t limit yourself to a couple of toasts and make something really elaborated: don’t you think she deserves it?
  • It’s all about the flowers. Buy her 11 red roses in a special occasion, 10 real roses and one artificial rose. Place the artificial one in the center of the bunch and include a card that says “I’ll love you until the last flower dies”.
  • A classic one: prepare a romantic dinner. You’ll have to pull out the best cooking skills you have and cook something nice for her. Also take care of the music, the lights, the dressing and absolutely everything. Make it perfect!

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