Sophie and toffee: the ultimate destination for craft goodies

sophie and toffee

The store named as the sophie and toffee has been a popular brand in the minds of many people. This is because of the reason that it has wide product range which has made so many loyal customers for it. The crafting goodies could be ordered by you and you fill get the box that is filled with huge variety of the goodies.

There are various special things which make this particular site so much appreciated by the people. One unique thing is that there are distinct themes for each month on the basis of the crafting supplies. The high quality of these goodies help in attracting lots of people that wish to use the craft related goodies.


These crafting goodies are of very high quality and still the price which the buyers are asked for them is relatively less. That means the sophie and toffee is trying the best level of satisfying customers at reasonable rates which are not too expensive.

The store prices and the price of this store are really distinct and you would be able to save about fifty percent of the amount which you would otherwise pay to some other store.

Exclusive items

The goodies provided by them are truly exclusive and the people would not feel that they are similar to other stores which offer the craft items. Not just the craft goodies but also other items like the deco cream, air dry clay, ribbons, trims, figurines, flexible molds, assortments, and the glasses are also supplied by the sophie and toffee.

Gifts for purchase

Most customers are gifted with the special goodies after they make purchase from this site. There are resin craft items which are high in demand because of the variations in effect that they give in the crafting projects. All of the crafting goodies can be found on the sophie and toffee store.

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