Last week the whole internet world gets crazy over the suspense behind the name of Ryan Reynolds and Blake lively’s younger daughter. This was the first time that Ryan had a first public appearance with his family.

This is because, both the celebrity parent are very much concerned about their daughters and thus keep them away from the limelight.

Also, they want to keep it so private that even after the ceremony they didn’t revealed the name of their new daughter. But now the suspense is disclosed and they named her Ines which is not only a unique name but also a perfect name for their bundle of joy.

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After the discloser of her name, many people are curious about its origin as where it is come from or why they choose this name for her?

Besides this, it is very appreciable that Ryan has kept this a secret for a long period of time but it is finally revealed. Well, we assume that he is now a very proud and happy father of two little cute daughters.

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Also, they do not disclose their family planning yet as they want more kids or not? Also Ryan has appeared on a television show named eTalk where he talks about his two daughters.

Also, the conversation is interesting as he discussed about his parenthood as he is now become a father and has to change their girl’s diaper but they are lovable and many positive changes happens in his life because of them.

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He also said that he is a kind of freaked out when he came to knew about his wife pregnancy but now he is alright. So, just say both the parents best of luck and you will get more information about Ines and James plus know about their cute adventures.

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