How to resolve the problem of conditional call forwarding active on handset

Conditional call forwarding active

Sometime while making a call a pop-up message appears on mobile screen displaying the text “Conditional call forwarding active”. This selection is unknown for the many of cell phone users and we get confused that what does this message means and why it is diverting our call, but soon we realize that this might be innovation, every handset comes up with additional unique features for tackling new emerging problems, like call forwarding function. In start, these options seem new and irrelevant but with the time, we get understanding of these options and try to utilize them for our comfort and benefit. This call forwarding is a unique option that diverts the call for some reasons. There are two types of call forwarding options available in mobile handsets, conditional call forwarding, and unconditional call forwarding.

  • Conditional call forwarding: the option available in mobiles for diverting call of some specific numbers the user want, to the voice mail or on some other number.
  • Unconditional call forwarding: In unconditional call forwarding option all, the calls are diverted to some other number or the voice mail.

Conditional call forwarding:

Conditional call forwarding options are developed for the purpose of business. Some business calls are very important that we cannot miss them, on missing such calls we might be fired from job or experience huge loss. Unfortunately, when we are at home, we do not take the mobile with us everywhere or while we are sleeping, we set our mobile on silent mode. Therefore, conditional call forwarding options are set on some particular numbers that transfer the unattended call on some other number or voicemail so that they can leave the message for the purpose they called.

However, sometimes while exploring your mobile by mistake conditional call-forwarding active in our handset but you are unaware of the fact that how it is active and how this issue will be resolved? If something like this happens there is nothing to worry about you just follow the below-listed steps and inactive this option.


Open the main menu


Select the setting option and then choose call setting


There you will find call forwarding function with four options:

  • Forward always: this means forward the required number whenever the calls come from that particular number.
  • Forward when number busy: this mean forward the call whenever our number is busy on some other call.
  • Forward when unreachable: Some areas where jammers are installed absorb the signal like a bank. Whenever we are in the place where there are no signals our mobile transfer the call to voicemail or other number automatically.
  • Forward when unanswered: When we are away and call is unanswered, the mobile transfer the call to the voicemail or on some other number.

These are the four options but we do not want conditional call forwarding active, we just want to inactive this service. So just, uncheck the option of conditional call forward active.

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