The worldwide popular American musical adventure film, lead to the rise of questions like who played the lion on the wiz. The wiz was produced by a collaboration of Motown productions and universal pictures. One of the main characters which gathered a lot of attention was that of the cowardly lion.

The story involves traveling off the main character across the city in search of an audience with a mysterious wiz. This wiz was said to be the only one powerful person in the whole place who can send the lead actress back to her home.

who played the lion on the wizIf we talk about who played the lion on the wiz, it will be none other than Ted Ross. He was an American actor and won the Tony award for this role. He played the role of the cowardly lion in both the original production of the film whereas in 1978 film version as well. He was born on June 30th, 1934 and his soul left on 3rd September 2002.

The role which he played was quite challenging as the lion is considered as the king of the jungle and all beasts. Whereas in the wiz, the portrayal of the cowardly lion was done in such a way that he considers himself an animal that cannot fight his fear. He has no idea about what courage is and how the feeling of courage can transform the world.

The lion only gets so know this after he experiences the effects of a gift given to him by the wizard. The wizard orders him to drink a liquid substance which makes him forget all his fear. The lion believes that such courage is not worthy because it will only stay in his body until he is under the effect of that potion.

But slowly, the lion realizes that he has gained something unbelievable and continues to perform brave things openly, in spite of being fearful and shocked. So this was all about who played the lion on the wiz.

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