People with no eyebrows – the bleach, removal and the bodily minimalism

People with no eyebrows

They say that the eyes are the windows of the soul. When you look at a face, what you first see is the impression from the combination of such magical windows which have their own distinguishable frames – the eyebrows. Eyebrows are the true storytellers that unveil the personality of the person you’re looking at, straight or curled, thick or thin.

But we fell in love with a very strange, obscure thing, all started from that first moment when we got our eyes on the face of Mona Lisa. Sometimes, what nothingness reveals is much more than what richness or vividness cannot. We are in love with the eyebrowless beauty.

From the mysterious “eyebrowless” Mona Lisa to Lady Gaga’s bleached glory, the trend of eyebrow lightening/removal is a never-ending game of roulette that picks its own lucky numbers for certain lucky person capable enough to be able to wield such mystic power. This time, we chose 4 classic moments with supermodels witnessed without eyebrows and taking a closer look on how they defined the look without ever needing to finish them, eyebrow-wise.

#1. Adriana Lima and the furious fairy

Unlike the usual sensual and Adriana Lima that most of us is familiar (and comfortable) with, when Givenchy decided to highlight and redefine the boundaries of Lima’s forehead by whiting out the eyebrows paired with the slightly wild black hair and blood red lipstick, what we have here is the “Lima-on-edge”, sharp, dark, sensible, yet senseless. The edgy look of the eyebrowless Lima in all white brings out the ultimate spiritual experience, leaving the rest feature of her face covered in pure mystery with a scent of fierce.

#2. Kendal Jenner and the constructional gothic look

When we talk about the eyebrowless elegance, no one else knows it better than the makeup artists from Givenchy. In its 2014 Fall/Winter campaign, Kendal Jenner (at the far left) was successfully transformed with the dark gothic regal chic with the extra assistance of the eyebrowlessness. Turns out when it comes to the thoughtful, constructional gothic appeal, the eyes don’t really need eyebrows to sparkle their best.

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#3. Lara Stone and the neutralized trademark look

Let’s be honest. We can barely notice the eyebrows from this cover for Vogue Turkey 2012 April edition. They’re still there hugging both eyes silently and the most secretly, but with their color almost identical to the skin tone, they faded away from the front stage quietly without a single word, yet leaving out the rest to become what’s best known as the Lara Stone – the neutral, focused and all-but-essence looking diva that was perfectly demonstrated with nothing but the most gorgeous.

#4. Alexander Wang’s neutral zone of the futuristic minimalism

If the usual norm for the eyebrowless elegance is in the somewhat bizarre fashion, then it was Alexander Wang who brought in the new concept to the world of eyebrowless beauty taken from the future. Seen on his fall 2014 runway, we didn’t care much the gender of the models, as they all gave out that strong signal of unified neutrality, with the mysterious hue added by the removal of the eyebrows.

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