When do Monica and Chandler get together?


When do Monica and Chandler get together? This question has been asked by thousands of people daily. If you have seen all the episodes of friends, then you might be well aware of their outstanding chemistry and bond.

They were the type of couple everyone adores and idealizes. To relive the moments of their love and togetherness, here is a synopsis of their journey.

When do Monica and Chandler get togetherWhen do Monica and Chandler get together?

As you see the flash backs, you realize that Monica and Chandler knew each other since the school days where Monica was Chandlers senior. They met at the thanks giving ceremony and became best friends.

It was only at the end of the 4th season where the official starting of their relationship was witnessed.  Though, it has to be accepted that there was some chemistry between them since day one.

It all began at Ross’s wedding with Emily, where Monica gets upset when a guest mistook her as Ross’s mother.  She also becomes upset of the fact that she cannot have even one honest relationship where her brother is getting married twice.

She turns to Chandler to seek comfort. Chandler makes her feel good by telling that she is the most beautiful women in the world. This is the time when they realize of their feelings for each other. Monica throws herself in Chandler’s arms, and they spend the night together.

They keep their relationship secret till the start of the 5th season, but all of their friends came to know about it eventually.  The couple started facing problems in their relationship. Others, teasing them to get married sparks a sense of commitment in Chandler.

He decides to fight against all the problems and ask Monica to marry him. They realized their love for each other and ended up moving in together. Like all the other perfect love stories these two got married and adopted two very adorable twins.

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