How to Do a MLA Format Title Page Most Efficiently?

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For one’s academic paper, MLA format title page must be written according to certain guidelines. If one follows the basic rules and also takes into consideration what the instructor also wants in particular, then the job can be done effectively. MLA style does not require a cover page as such. This is so because all the major information and details regarding the paper go into the first page. So, working up the perfect title page is pretty important.

How to start with the title for mla format title page?

When writing the title, take note that all the first letters of the major words of the title are in capital letters. The prepositions in the title name, such as on, of, to, for should be left as it is and not capitalized. But if the first word is a preposition, then it must be capitalized. Also, it must be noticed that the title should not have quotation marks around it, neither it should be in bold, Italics or underlined.

How to write own name?

After the title has been formatted, one must leave 2 to 3 lines and then write one’s name. The author’s byline should be written with the first name, middle initial and the last name. If there are more than two authors, then both the names should come side by side with separated bylines. After this, leave a few lines and hence forth start with the course and class information.

Course or class information

The mla format of the title page should consist of the information about the course that one is doing. Write the course information and class information such as section and other such important numbers. The name of the educational institution or the organisation that one is affiliated to must also be included in this information. Some organizations help out with the research work of the paper. They should also be mentioned here in the title page along with the name of the main institution.

MLA Format Title Page
Example MLA Format Title Page
Write the instructor’s name

After writing the name of the course, class and institution, one should now mention the name of the instructor in the next line. The initials of the name must be in capital letters and one should write the complete name, as used by the instructor. Take note that the title used by the instructor, such as a doctorate degree, must be appropriately mentioned when the name is written.

Write the date

In the next line one must write the date of submission of the paper. Here example, the mla format requires the author to write the date in European style. This means mentioning the date, month and year like “4 March 2015”. After this one can include an author’s note or not, depending on the requirement and liking of the author. One must include any other important information as per one’s instructor’s guidelines. Also, use a standard font throughout and a standard 1 inch margin for mla format title page.

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