If you are eager to know how many rings does Lamar Odom have, then we have the answer to this one. Well! He might be having various precious rings, but the one which holds utmost value to his career is the NBA championship ring of 2010.

There is a very interesting story behind this ring of Lamar Odom but before getting into it, here is a brief of who he was.

how many rings does Lamar OdomAll about Lamar Odom

Full name of Lamar Odom is “Lamar Joseph Odom.” He was born on 6th of November 1979 and became a very famous American basketball player. He has received various awards in his career, and the most important was the NBA championship of 2009- 2010. He was named as the NBA 6th man of the year 2011.

  He also played in the States national team and won a bronze medal at Olympics 2004. He was a gold medalist in FIBA world championship in 2010. There are various other awards to add on to the list like a national player of the year etc.

Odom was known to be a very positive person. He understood the importance of team work and played selflessly. He was the first player to win the NBA championship and FIBA world cup in the same year.

How many rings does Lamar Odom have?

He might be having a number of rings, but when it comes to the championship rings, the number restricts to only one. Yes! Lamar Odom has only one NBA championship ring. It was said that he pawned this ring to a pawnbroker in Burbank.

The pawnbroker displayed the ring on the glass top of the counter and displayed its worth of $10,000. But the catch is that Lamar pawned this ring only for $200 for 90 days. He did not return in the 90 day period, and therefore the ring was taken over by the pawn broker. So it can be said that Lamar Odom won one NBA ring but owns none.

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