Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer apologies to two Hispanic women for her misbehavior in mall

Mayor Greg Fischer apologies to two Hispanic women

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer becomes the centre of attraction when a white abusing video goes viral on the internet. In a very small amount of time the video become viral and have millions of views on it.

It is about two Hispanic women and a white women as both are in the Jefferson mall but things get worse when that white women start abusing the two women and the reason behind such abusing is just nonsense.

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These all three women are shopping in the mall but when one Hispanic women cuts the line in order to get some more items for her fellow friend then this white women become so angry and start abusing them and telling them to go back to their respective country as they do not belong here.

When this video gets viral many people get angry on such statement and they started to demand from apologies to Fischer.

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Also, the white women continuously abuse those women by saying that they are nobody and because they are in her country then they have to be like everybody else and be somebody.

After all these chaos, Fischer apologies for such an act and for misbehave of white women with the two women and then this matter gets sort out. Also, he said that he is disappointed with such type of video and promise that it will never happen again in future.

Also, he said that by seeing these videos many parents teach their children about the human values and teach them to not to cat like that.

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Besides this, after this matter the white women who abused the Hispanic women get banned by the mall and if she enters in that mall again then legal actions are taken by the mall staff.

There are 5.5 million views on this video plus more than 140000 people shared it. Just hope that the white women understand her mistake and will never do such things in future.

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