How long is the equator in miles, and also in kilometers?


How long is the equator in miles? People started studying the geography of the Earth in and around 250BC, and from that time people do want to know about the exact measurement of the Earth. From then there are many theories are developed and made on this context.

Many got approval, and many were not accepted by the public. Many theories were originated very early, and after a long time, they were improved a little and then turned into axioms.

For the geographic length of the equator is measured with various calculations, and measurements, everyone knows that one person cannot measure the length of equator alone.How long is the equator in miles

After the efforts of many scientists, mathematician, and geologist, human has discovered the answer to the question, how long is the equator in miles? The final result was 24,874 miles, which is approximately 40,030 Km, along with this they also measured the physical distance between pole to pole, which is 24,008 miles that are approximately 40,008 km.

With this measurement, you can easily make out that the shape of the Earth is not a sphere because it is flattened from the position of the poles, so the shape is known as an oblate spheroid.

It was never an easy task for getting the exact measurement, of the earth. But there are various organizations were clubbed together for finding the exact physical measurements in miles of the Earth.

This club of various organizations not only fined the length of Equator but also find the highest and the deepest points on Earth along with their exact measurements. People from different countries, with different Languages, and with different techniques measured these areas.

It could provide only some facts, and in future people do remember the facts, but there are chances that people do remember those personalities that helped the world in finding the answer to the question, how long is the equator in miles?

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