“I killed Donald Trump purposefully” – statement of a man who is accused of killing other person

I killed Donald Trump purposefully
Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

This new shocked everyone for a second when it is aired on news channels. This all chaos belongs to a man who is from Dryden and killed a UPS driver on Monday December 8, 2016. This news become viral after the statement of the victim named Justin Barkley. Here is the story in brief:

December Monday is quite a shocking day for Americans as hearing about the death of their new president is shocking off course but thank god it is not correct.

Justin Barkley belongs to Dryden and he came to New York to kill Donald Trump. Besides this, he sounds mentally disturbed person when he give such statement.

But actually he does not kill Donald Trump but a man named William Schumacher who was on his job and around 1 pm he went to a store in order to garb something to eat. But this was not William’s good day as he short by Justin in the parking of Ithaca Walmart.

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After such an act he ran away from that place and then the police and thief game started from there. Police chases him for more than 8 hours and after that they were able to arrest him.

On Monday he was presented in the court for his plea where his statement shocked everyone as he said

“He was plotted the murder of President Donald Trump and he finally killed him plus he is very proud of his act”.

Besides this, there is a reason behind this murder and he did not feel guilty for this.

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Now he is in custody and the investigation is going on as this case is handling by the police and hopefully they find out the real reason behind the death of William Schumacher and he will get justice from the court. For more information, stay with us!

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