Janet Evanovich fan fiction collection has some new stories this time


Janet Evanovich is known to be an excellent writer, in Janet Evanovich fan fiction books where you will get everything new always. Talking about Janet, she is an American writer awarded as a bestselling author by New York Times.

She was born on 22 April 1943 New Jersey the United States. Her career started from her first contemporary romance novel named Steffie Hail. But she really gains fame as an author from her series of mysteries features that is Stephanie Plum. This written piece gained huge popularity among the readers.

Janet Evanovich fan fictionJanet Evanovich fan fiction has lots of things for the reader, that’s why here every series get a huge response from the readers; at a worldwide level, all her books gain immense popularity.

Her books are even translated into several different languages, at present; it is mainly available in 40 different languages.

About her life:

When she was a kid she chooses to become a housewife just like her mother. But when she was 13 years old she began writing, in the beginning, she wrote a novel. Slowly she gained the idea how to write and what makes writing impressive.

After that, she moved towards the romance novels, but because of some reasons, she stopped writing.  After working with the employment agency, she received an offer to write the second manuscript for the romance. In her romance novels list:

  • Stephanie Plum Series
  • Knight & Moon Series
  • Wicked Series
  • Fox and O’Hare Series
  • 5Other novels

Her interest in writing got increased, and after that, she moved with the thrill and mysteries filled novels.  Janet Evanovich fan fiction all time known for genre books.

Her several novels also taken a face of movie and reason behind it were her writing and characterization. As a writer, Janet Evanovich won the heart of several readers. She is mainly known for romance, thrill and mysteries novels.

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