Is Vivid Seats a Reliable Ticket Source | Review 2016

is vivid seats a reliable ticket source

A bad gimmick or is vivid seats a reliable ticket source?

If you are a first timer then your experience may leave you thinking is vivid seats a reliable ticket source or simply an expensive way to go to shows. Although not quite expensive as some people may grudgingly make it sound, the pricing nevertheless may be a bit more than the tickets you purchase from other websites. Still this is not always the case although some differences may exist as you get to know of their service fees when you check out.

A non-issue for regulars

However, the problem comes when you do vague calculations of their ticket prices and not looking up at their exemplary service. The fact is that Vivid Seats is one of the top and well established marketers of tickets for events like popular concerts, sporting events, plays, displays, magic shows and musicals and other varied and important events. This means that you do get your tickets here even if you do not get at any other sites.

As stated earlier initially you may be a little shocked at the checkout fees that are usually 25% of the ticket amount. But then you will find several great offers from them and quite irresistible if you are a regular visitor to each of these events.

In order to emphasize this all you would need is to purchase tickets from Vivid Seats on a regular basis and you will at once be surprised. For instance, you will feel tickled with fine feelings for that extra ticket that they give out as free for clients who have bought tickets for at least 7 different events through them. Now, you can never say ‘is vivid seats a reliable ticket source’.

Not a bad idea considering the fact that you actually gain from it than trying to be regretful for that extra check out fees as some dumb people do. After all there are no conditions attached to these free tickets and who wouldn’t love something for no payment. And believe it or not you also get a discount on your ticket if you are seeing the performance for the second time.

Seating preferences

Not all websites are in a position to give you ticket for the front seat you are looking for. The Vivid Seats has a reputation of giving out the maximum front seats to their clients regularly. They also have the largest inventory of tickets so that they may oblige their clients in the way they feel about their seats.

Although there has been cases where people have complained about tickets being issued above their actual value still by and large people are quite satisfied as there can be no substitution for the special offers that they give in return to regular clients.

Again, you may give bulk orders for purchasing tickets through their corporate ticket program that includes a trip planner so that you may have instant access to information regarding events of any city in USA or Canada. Now surely you may not feel like saying is vivid seats a reliable ticket source ?

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