Many people are often confused and not aware about the difference between a Tux and Suit because they have very minor and less noticeable difference among themselves. This article is a complete guide about the basic facts which can help one distinguish a tuxedo from a suit.

The basic thing which can distinguish a tuxedo from a suit is the satin designing. Basically tuxedo have satin designing on buttons, pocket trim, lapel and often on the legs of pants. Suits not have this satin presence and their buttons are usually made from plastic or the self fabric of suit. As the fashion trends continue to change, so now days some designers have minimized the use of satin in tuxedos but still its presence is the key factor to differentiate the both men clothing lines.


The tuxedo trend started back in the Victorian era and the name was adopted from a famous Tuxedo Park in the New York City. The basic purpose behind its designing was to introduce a trendy and formal wear for dinners. Tuxedo is an evening formal war that makes a man wearing it smart and elegant.

Many people do not understand fully the separation line of suit and tux, and therefore call them by either name interchangeably. However, with the fashion advancement many new designs are added to the basis tuxedos.

A formal jacket that comes with single front button and black tie is also a tuxedo. It has self flaps on the pockets and is worn with white collar down shirt. Suits do not have such settings. Tuxedo is an ideal men wear for weddings, formal wears and proms. Though suits are also worn on these occasions but tux changes one’s look to corporate personality. Popular colors for tuxedos are White, Black, Steel grey and heather grey.

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Another main and very important difference between a suit and tuxedo is the personality and appearance. A tuxedo gives a message of a mature and executive man. This is a dedicated wear for formal events.

We can expect a man wearing a tux going to a super store for shopping, while a man wearing suit will not be much bothered in the market. A lot of men wear suits in business place, visits and meet ups but it cannot be replaced everywhere with a tux, as a tux is bound for some very selective occasions.

This can be easily understood by an example that a tux is not just worn to look good and make a personality but there are also many thing attached to this single point.

Actually it not only makes a man look good, but also throws a message that this man is dressed up for some special night out. It is self explanatory. There’s no doubt in saying that men look elegant and smart is suit, but in tux other then looking elegant and smart they compliment the occasion by shouting out that this man feels this moment special and respected.


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