who played the cowardly lion in the wiz

In the 1978, the American film production introduces a film known Wiz. In this film, who played the cowardly lion in the wiz, do you know. It is the collaboration between Motown Productions and Universal Productions.

It gets released in 1978 on 22 October by Universal productions. It entirely cast is American and African. An urban named L. Frank Baum’s add features in this film and several imaginary characters.

This film follows the adventures of the Dorothy. There is a four years old boy who is shy in nature named Harlem use to live in New York. A schoolteacher there find herself in the imaginary world of fantasy of oz.

who played the cowardly lion in the wiz There they befriended with a Tin man, a scarecrow and a cowardly lion. With them they travel to the city to see the mysterious of the Wiz because of which they use to travel there from their place.

Wiz film produced by the Rob Cohen and the Sidney Lumet directed it. Ted Ross, who played the cowardly lion in the wiz gets popular among his fans just because of his acting.

His impressive acting grabs the attention of all viewers there.  If we talk about the stars of this film then they are Diana Ross, Nipsey Russell, Michael Jackson, Theresa Merritt, Mabel King, Lena Horne, Thelma Carpenter and  Richard Pryor.

In this film you get several songs which are written by Jones. Valerie Simpon added the film song versions.  In the beginning of it released film didn’t get the attentions of the people, but after few additional works in started making it place. But still it failed it meeting budget.

As an actor Ted Ross, who played the cowardly lion in the wiz get famous from this role and sooner he also started working in other different movies. His final movie in which he worked was “the fisher king”.

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