Ideas To Help You: How To Remove Nail Polish From Clothes

how to remove nail polish from clothes

The Best Ways to Remove Nail Polish from Clothes and Carpet

Most women, especially women with young children, have had the dilemma at least once in their life of needing to remove nail polish from clothing or carpet without nail polish remover available. There are several life hacks that you should know to help with this dilemma to make sure you are not throwing away your favorite pair of jeans or hiring a high priced carpet cleaner to help you remove a little e bit of dried nail polish on your carpet. Learning these simple life hacks will save you time, money, and sanity.

How to Remove Nail Polish from Clothes without Nail polish Remover

How many times have you gotten nail polish on your favorite shirt or your daughter spilled the bottle on her favorite dress and you do not have nail polish remover anywhere in the house. Before you throw away those beautiful clothes that we all know are not so easily replaced, try some simple tips to restore your clothing to its beautiful, nail polish free, glory.

  1. Hairspray. Hairspray is a wonderful catch all product to have around the house. It can help clean numerous blemishes on different surfaces. You can use hairspray to remove nail polish from your clothes. Simply add a bit of water the stain, then add several squirts of hairspray and finish it off with a few splashes of rubbing alcohol. Once you have added your elements to the stain, just scrub and blot with a paper towel.
  1. Rubbing Alcohol. Rubbing alcohol, on its own, is a very helpful tool to remove nail polish from your clothes. This is likely one of the simplest life hacks for this purpose. Simply put rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip and blot. Continue to blot until the stain is gone. If the Q-tip is covered, get a new one. Because it is rubbing alcohol, it will evaporate and dry quickly.
  1. Lacquer or Paint Thinner. Because nail polish is essentially a type of paint, lacquer or paint thinner may be most helpful in removing nail polish from jeans especially. Jeans are a bit difficult to work with in removing nail polish because of the thickness of the fabric, however, a thinner may be extremely useful. Once you have scrubbed the blemished area, wash your jeans in soap and water to help get the residue off. DO NOT dry them in the dryer. You do not want any piece of the stain to set in from the heat of the dryer, especially If the process needs repeating.

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How to Remove Nail Polish from Carpet

Carpet is a bit different of a fabric than clothing, as it is thicker and handles more dirt and grime on a regular basis. As a result, other inventive tricks can be used to remove nail polish from carpet.

  1. Windex can be a phenomenal tool in removing dirt from almost any place. First, however, you need to ensure your carpet can handle Windex, so you need to conduct a spot test in an inconspicuous place. Once you have learned that your carpet can handle Windex, simply spray it on the blemish. Then us a white wash cloth and cold water and blot, until the stain is out.
  2. Goo Be Gone. Goo be Gone is a stain remover many painters and mechanics use to remove paint and grease stains from their hands. It is gentle enough to use on your skin, so should be perfect for a carpet. Just poor the Goo Be Gone on the carpet and then scrub with a rag until it is gone.
Remove Dried Nail Polish from Fabric

Sometimes the nail polish spills and no one knows it occurred until it has dried. While most of the methods above are great for wet nail polish removal, once the stain has dried, nail polish removal may be more difficult. While no one wants to utilize wine for anything but drinking, white wine is an amazing tool in removing dried nail polish from clothes or carpet. Just make sure to wash the clothes a couple of times to get rid of the scent of alcohol and if it is on the carpet, wash the area with soap and water and freeze after the stain is out.

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