Diarrhea represents the condition of a human being in which stool discharges repeatedly from bowel & in a watery form.  Diarrhea is one of the most common diseases in our society; it could be due to excess stress, improper diet or other health/organ disorders.

Do you suffer from diarrhea occasionally? It must be a really embarrassing moment for you when you are in a seminar, meeting, dinner or giving a presentation. Keep in mind, if you are suffering from diarrhea habitually then there must be something erroneous with your body organs & you should consult with your doctor.

There are several phases of Diarrhea and the condition can last from an hour to weeks. Here, we are going to share some magical home remedies by which you can overcome your problem and live a healthy life.

Why has It Happens?

The theory behind diarrhea is very simple. Actually, the presence of a colon in our body absorbs fluid from the diet which we eat that changes the phase of stool from solid to semi-solid. Likewise, when you consume a large amount of food/beverages instantly the rate of absorbing water by your colon increases & hence diarrhea occurs.

Thing’s to do in Diarrhea:

For quick & healthy recovery, you need to opt following things:

  1. Divide your three big meals intro 4 to 6 small/snack meals.
  2. Never drink a glass of water or other fluid at once.
  3. Eat ripe bananas because it’s the best cure for diarrhea.
  4. Always keep your body hydrated.
  5. Use heating pads because it’s best for a healing of abdominal cramp.

Things don’t dos in Diarrhea:

For quick & healthy recovery, you need to quit following things:

  1. Avoid consuming caffeine based liquids.
  2. Stay away from foods which contain fatty acids.
  3. Strictly avoid a diet that has gas contents.

Home Remedies – How to Get Rid of Diarrhea

  1. Use of Banana

The main advantage of eating a banana for diarrhea patient is that it is easily digestible. Banana produces certain enzymes in our body that helps to fight against diarrhea infection. The presence of insulin & pectin boosts the energy level for quick recovery.

  1. Use of Yogurt

Doctor’s suggest staying away from dairy products when you have diarrhea attack but a function of yogurt is totally different because the presence of probiotic bacteria in yogurt helps to fight against diarrhea germs.

  1. Ginger

Ginger is purely a gift from GOD to mankind because it possesses several meditational properties. Consuming ginger helps to cure diarrhea & stops muscle spasm. For best result, you can consume ginger juice with tea or milk thrice a day.

  1. Lemon

Likewise Ginger, lemon also comprises of numerous meditational properties. Doctors recommend lemon juice or lemon tea for diarrhea patient because it has a best healing power for intestine related problems.

  1. Use of Chamomile Tea

The name of chamomile tea might be new to you but it is one of the best herbs that could heal diarrhea very fast. It helps to lessen the stomach pain & intestinal problem because of the presence of antispasmodic properties.

  1. Make yourself Hydrated

Due excess discharging of stool the risk of dehydration increases. You can consume healthy fluids like juices, chicken broth, vegetable soups & water too.

  1. Cinnamon, Cumin & Cardamom seed powder

Use of natural herbs like cardamom, cumin & cinnamon helps to lessen the stomach pain & diminish the feeling of vomiting. You can consume all natural herbs with tea or honey. For best result, consume it thrice a day.

  1. Use of Fenugreek seed

Consumption of fenugreek seed with yogurt & water helps to lessen the stomach pain due to diarrhea. It also helps in reducing the gastric troubles.

  1. Switch White Rice to Brown Rice

The presence of vitamin B in brown rice helps to lessen the risk of having diarrhea. For best result, you can consume it with a banana because it helps to remove body toxins easily.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar & Oregano Oil

This two magical liquid is truly a gift from GOD to us.

The antibacterial properties of apple cider vinegar help to kill the bacteria that causes diarrhea. For best result, you can consume by diluting it with water and get rid of intestine spasms.

Oregano oil is another magical liquid which controls the symptoms of diarrhea because it possesses anti-parasitic properties. For best result, you can consume by mixing it with water or milk thrice a day.

  1. Medicines

Last but not the least is medicines, other than adopting above home remedies you need to consult with your doctor in order to get a quick recovery.


The information mention above is purely informative and for an occasional patient with diarrhea. If you are suffering from the diarrhea phase regularly then you should better consult with a doctor. Here are some symptoms in which you should better consult with a doctor:

  1. Excess abdominal pain with cramping
  2. Frequent weight loss due to diarrhea
  3. Suffering from fever
  4. If your stool contains blood

In these cases, you don’t need to opt above remedies.


Diarrhea is quite common in our society but sometimes it is due to organs disorder or sometimes it is just on some occasion. The remedies mention above are experimentally tested and 100% authentic, you should opt these if you have occasional diarrhea problem.

If something goes wrong, you should better consult with a doctor. Live a happy life by making yourself healthy.

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